What Makes Great Sales Collateral? Unpacking This Marketing Tool

Marketing teams use sales collateral to attract bottom-of-the-funnel prospects. But writing snappy and effective sales collateral copy takes insight and proper direction—and that’s what companies like Equinix routinely bring to the table.

Sales collateral guides your customers down the sales funnel.

Picture this: you’re looking to hire a company that can run your company’s internet infrastructure, and a particular organization’s offering catches your eye. The landing page is slick, catchy, and seems to align with your organization’s goals—but you want to know more. 

You’re greeted with a page gating the information you’re after behind a form that requires some personal information such as your name and email—a way of bringing you into the company’s digital ecosystem. So, you put in the necessary information  and get served an aesthetically pleasing PDF that lays out more granular details like stats and achievements to establish credentials. 

Copy and visuals come together to build a narrative that connects with your goals for the company. By the end, you’re completely convinced—and a URL or phone number calls out to you to connect your leadership with their sales team to begin what could be a lucrative partnership. 

You went from not knowing who this company was to wanting to work with them: that’s effective sales collateral doing its job. This powerful marketing tool comes in a variety of formats—podcasts, videos, and audio ads, but also white papers, case studies, ebooks, and more—to convert interested prospects into customers. In other words, sales collateral is a bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) mechanism practically engineered to deliver engaged customers to businesses of any size—so they’re especially nifty for massive organizations that require conversions at scale.

But what makes strong sales collateral copy that’s guaranteed to convert? To answer that question, the team at MarketSmiths perused the latest and greatest sales collateral copy from a variety of industries to find what drew us toward the ‘Buy Now’ buttons.

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Equinix: The World’s Internet Infrastructure Company

Equinix is a global digital infrastructure company servicing a variety of industries, from finance to manufacturing and retail. Whatever industry you’re in, Equinix offers an internet service they can use to their benefit.

When taken at face value, that’s a pretty bold value proposition. So how do you aptly communicate the vision of your company’s capabilities to leaders in different industries with varying levels of expertise?

Equinix’s answer is to provide everyone with a simple two page fact sheet. But before we even click into the asset, we get three basic takeaways from the fact sheet’s landing page: 

  • Equinix has a staggering 240 data centers with close proximity to clouds and networks for optimal hybrid architectures.
  • Partnering with the company allows businesses to choose from over 419,000 connections’ worth of vendors, providers, regional specialists.
  • Equinix provides speedy delivery and consumption of digital services globally with on-demand infrastructures.

These three factoids are powerful and compelling for any enterprise-level company looking to bolster their internet infrastructure, which is crucial in today’s digital-first landscape. Right beneath these three bullets is a red box with bold white text that just reads “Download article” in all capitals.

There’s confidence in the minimalist design of this landing page. Equinix isn’t asking for your information to blow up your inbox with new email campaigns. They’re not pleading for your attention in the form of some aspirational blog post. Equinix already knows that you’re interested in what they have to sell, and that you’re curious to learn more about what partnering with them can mean for your company.

Recurring Success Through Sales Collateral

The fact sheet shares the landing page’s confidence. It’s replete with attractive stats on how much money they’ve generated for over 10,000 customers from 27 countries through five continents and 66 markets. World-spanning maps visualize the scope of Platform Equinix, which serves as the foundation for the company’s digital infrastructure.

Further down in the fact sheet, Equinix provides attractive stats and information that highlight the power of their digital infrastructure. We get concise yet detailed insight into the number and size of partners that Equinix supports, and close on a grab bag of the digital infrastructure services that Equinix offers to help you succeed.

Equinix’s fact sheet is updated annually. This helps busy executives at potential partner companies get up-to-date, relevant data on Equinix’s most crucial offerings at a glance. As such, the fact sheet doesn’t serve as merely a bird’s-eye-view of the company in general; it’s practically a living, breathing document thanks to a dedication on updating with Equinix’s latest statistics, products, and services. 

Equinix’s Message: Simplicity Delivers Success

Through this simple but comprehensive fact sheet, Equinix engages your interest in bolstering your company’s internet infrastructure and reveals the potential of what taking that plunge can do for your company at a global scale. At the top of the asset is a headline: “The world’s digital infrastructure company”—a bold proclamation that’s quickly justified through punchy, meaningful statistics. 

Through this attractive sales collateral piece, Equinix reveals a clear message: partnering with us prepares your organization’s digital ecosystem to thrive on the world stage. 

Of course, companies throughout a variety of industries similarly offer sales collateral to convert prospects. While longer than Equinix’s blow-by-blow, this white paper from Fujitsu shows how its ETERNUS DX disk storage system contributes to energy efficiency. Social media platform giant Snapchat offers a simple and direct sales deck. The team at MarketSmiths wrote an eBook for DocuSign aimed at healthcare providers to underline the potential electronic document signing has in a high-stakes, post-pandemic world.

Provence learned to play to its strengths

A rapidly expanding insurance firm, Provence needed a revamped website that reflected its growing stature. Unfortunately, its existing copy missed the mark—only appealing to prospective policyholders, not independent agencies that may have wanted to merge with Provence. But through in-depth interviews, MarketSmiths soon put things right. Provence’s new website played up its strengths and appealed to the dual audiences central to its business plan, giving Provence pride of place in a crowded market. 

Read the full case study >

Owning Markets at Scale with Sales Collateral

With so many options available for nearly every product and service, sales collateral has become more than just a useful tool in your marketing team’s belt—it’s an essential way to inspire action. 

For over a decade, MarketSmiths has been known to sharpen our clients’ messaging through crisp copy to make big things happen. That’s why we’re confident in sales collateral as a unique, high-impact way to ignite new and existing audiences—you just have to say the words.

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