Building Trust with Skeptics: Confluera’s Cybersecurity Copywriting

Confluera is building trust with their audience using straightforward, sensitive copy. Read on to secure some of their cybersecurity copywriting secrets.

Confluera's cybersecurity copywriting builds trust.

In the wake of high-profile data breaches that only stoke fear and uncertainty, cybersecurity companies need to do more than mitigate cybercrime: they need to reassure their audience they’re in good hands. Confluera is one such company, promising “faster cyberattack detection,” a “safer cloud”, and greater “efficiency to minimize operational costs.”

Behind their relatively straightforward language is a strategic copywriting toolkit—built on empathy for their audience’s concerns, thoughtfully-communicated solutions, and awareness of their clientele’s top priorities: cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

Here’s what Confluera is teaching other companies about effective cybersecurity copywriting—in order to build trust with an already skeptical audience. 

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Understand your audience’s unique concerns 

With digital threats on the rise, cybersecurity has become a top priority for both businesses and consumers. Every third U.S. company has purchased data-breach insurance coverage or cyber-liability insurance, while more than 60% of consumers reported an increased concern for data safety as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, businesses in particular are looking for cybersecurity solutions that understand their concerns and empower their people to mitigate digital threats. But for many, managing digital threats while also fulfilling their typical work responsibilities is a daunting task, especially if they aren’t “specialized in detection and response services,” as Confluera puts it. The subtext here? They shouldn’t have to be.

Confluera recognizes that this unique skill set—the ability to foresee digital risk, respond immediately, and consistently monitor for future threats—requires external support and understanding. And their copy reflects that, arguing that even for the experts, “it is impractical to assume that everything can be monitored and protected.”

With their seamless, automated solution, however, cybersecurity detection becomes possible for every team, with aspirational language that empowers you to “turn your existing staff into incident responders and threat hunters.”  

Demonstrate industry expertise, without overcomplicating things

Cybersecurity is an inherently jargon-y industry, guilty of overusing nebulous language. But truly effective communicators are able to condense the most intricate, industry-specific scenarios into digestible language that your audience can actually understand. This is absolutely essential when it comes to cybersecurity copywriting.

One way Confluera proves their expertise without isolating their audience is by leveraging relevant data. To describe how many digital threats go unnoticed, they write: “As much as 90% of alerts today are discarded because it’s humanly impossible to handle the volumes.” This is the perfect segue into why their automated solution can support human teams, promoting efficiency and maximizing security. 

Confluera also takes the time to illuminate cybersecurity issues in a clear, compelling way. An informative blog post on their website explains the importance of cybersecurity:

“Security is no longer just keeping the bad people out; it also requires the ability to detect and track every step an attacker has taken to search and traverse the network in pursuit of their goal.”

This explanation offers useful insights into the strategic, goal-oriented nature of digital attacks—debunking misconceptions about digital attacks always being random hackers. This context reveals a greater need for Confluera’s offerings, considering the risk of sophisticated attacks that feed off your business’ weak spots.

Even as they illuminate these issues, Confluera remains concerned with their audience: “If you can’t see the attack, you can’t stop the attack.” They remind you that they are your eyes and ears on the ground, helping you identify well-disguised threats.

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Make yourself memorable in a crowded digital marketplace

Last but certainly not least, an audience concerned with cybersecurity solutions wants to know they are protected by the best of the best. They’re inclined to ask: what sets you apart from the competition? Why should I trust you more than anyone else?

Confluera’s cybersecurity copywriting has already shown that they’re committed to their audience’s concerns, shedding light on the importance of cybersecurity and demonstrating their industry expertise in the process. The final step in their three-pronged strategy? Proving their own value-prop with a particular focus on their audience’s top priorities of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Confluera boasts “the best results in cloud cyberattack detection”—with the hard numbers to back it up. 98% alert reduction, 10x faster attacker detection, and 4x return on investment offer weight to their words, with statistics that solidify their position as the leading provider of cloud cybersecurity detection and response. 

And just like that—your inner skeptic’s voice starts to fade. They’ve earned your trust with thoughtful cybersecurity copywriting. And within this industry, trust is everything. 

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