Why Your Brand Voice Needs a Copywriter’s Green Thumb

When your brand is stuck in a rut, sometimes all you need is a seasoned writer to bring new ideas to the forefront. Learn more about the value of a fresh perspective and compelling writing in developing your voice.

Developing a strong brand voice is like cultivating a garden.

Have you ever come across a brand that’s absolutely flourishing? Maybe its communications team has developed the perfect voice for Twitter, responding to mentions with grace and humor. Or maybe its website copy is simply so good you can’t resist scrolling through every page. Every company wants to thrive online, but few know how to cultivate a winning voice and tone that distinguishes a humdrum brand voice from one that’s truly recognizable. 

That’s where copywriters come in. We work with a wide variety of brands each day, many in need of a magic touch to make their message resonate. We come with an understanding of the branding process, from how to use language effectively to the psychology behind consumer action, but we also realize every brand voice is different. By taking the time to understand where your company fits into your wider ecosystem, we can figure out what makes you unique—then help you stand out. 

Why work with a copywriter at all? Think of it like gardening. There’s plenty of tilling, sowing, and watering to do before you can reap the rewards of a well-cultivated brand. And if you don’t have the time, knowledge, or vantage point to execute on branding guidelines and materials early on, you can toil tirelessly and still end up fruitless. Here’s why it’s worth having an outside marketing expert on your side. 

Learn why the best return on your marketing dollar comes from copywriting.

Where companies falter when growing their brand voice 

Consider this scenario: you just went through a merger, but your two marketing teams can’t quite come together. No one knows how to produce a cohesive brand voice that honors both companies’ histories and values. 

Or this one: your startup can’t quite gain traction among your target audience. Your team is so busy producing content that no one has time to develop the essential materials for centering your website copy, blog, and social posts on one clean and cohesive message. 

There are countless reasons why companies fail to create inspiring brands. At companies with no interest in new ideas, internal politics can squash innovative branding work. At others, employees might be whizzes when it comes to their subject matter, but no one has the know-how to produce a brand voice that matches the strength of their products or services.  

Other major obstacles to a flourishing brand voice are time and knowledge constraints. When your staff are working hard to keep up with routine, daily tasks, they don’t have time to devise high-level strategy. Branding is a specialized activity that requires an understanding of writing, trends, and the current moment. You need a team of experts who can come in and do the legwork for you. 

How a team of copywriters help you thrive  

Copywriters bring an objective outsider perspective. You might think that the person best poised to develop your brand voice knows your company inside and out, but the best people might be those who have to start from square one. Copywriters can view your brand in a new light, and see things from a customer’s perspective instead of an employee’s. 

Rather than recycling old ideas, we gather intel from every key stakeholder on your team, then find the best way to say something—even if it’s a departure from the way you’ve always said it.  We celebrate great ideas, and even champion them on calls with your stakeholders to earn buy in. 

In addition to offering a valuable outside perspective, we are also subject matter experts in our own right. We know how to cater to target audiences with words, and we understand how to write concisely and effectively. We also have teams of writers at our disposal—and more brain power undoubtedly means better results.      

Finally, for companies missing essential branding elements like style guides and brand books, we’ll fill in the gaps. We can dive into your key differentiators, audiences, and value propositions—peeling back the layers of your business until we fully understand it. From there, we can create a framework for thinking about your brand, messaging to guide everything your team produces, and even dos and don’ts for effective writing.   

An entrepreneur got a website revamp

Her mission was to empower women to build their wealth. But in a crowded, largely undifferentiated space, Hilary Hendershott was struggling to get her message across. Together, we stripped out anything generic or long-winded from her old website, and reframed her copy to show off her powerful differentiators: her advocacy of women, her standing as a true fiduciary, and her no-nonsense strategies. Pretty soon, her revamped copy was ready to go—providing her with a friendly, rich website and the chance to grow her brand in a busy field.

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Work with a dedicated brand development team 

To revisit the gardening metaphor, you’ve probably realized how your brand could benefit from someone with a green thumb. Wherever you are in the branding or rebranding process, we’re here to help. But there are a few things we’ll ask from you to get started: a kickoff call to dive into your business; an internal point of contact; any relevant documents to guide our work; and a commitment to providing feedback. 

From there, we’re ready to get growing. Contact the copywriting team at MarketSmiths to plant seeds today that will flourish in the future.

Anne Paglia

Anne Paglia

After dabbling in journalism, communications, and science publishing, Anne found her way to MarketSmiths. When she’s not writing, this New Jersey native is likely spending time outdoors or expounding on the importance of the Oxford comma.

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