AI in Education Needs to Empower Both Students and Teachers

AI is transforming education as we know it. Here’s how three companies address the needs of teachers and students to become an active part of the classroom.

AI in education presents new challenges and opportunities.

AI in education is still in its infancy. Students eagerly explore its capabilities while teachers are more wary. In fact, a study revealed that 30% of college students use ChatGPT to complete their assignments. It’s hard to say how they might have used the tool, whether they brainstormed ideas to craft original answers or simply copied a majority of the AI’s manufactured response. 

We see ongoing concerns of academic integrity, and they’re definitely warranted—but AI in education can also lead to a new way of teaching that’s more accessible and relevant for today’s generation of learners. 

Here are three companies pioneering a path to a more technologically integrated and equitable classroom—and how their messaging helps them stake a place in uncharted territory. 

AI should empower students and teachers. 

We’ve seen how AI benefits students, helping them complete assignments and break down difficult concepts—but what about educators? How can technology also be a solution for those who are responsible for providing quality instruction and creating positive academic outcomes?

Take Cognii, for example. Describing itself as “Artificial Intelligence for Education,” it provides a virtual learning assistant that facilitates critical thinking through conversation, then requires students to write responses in their own words. On the teachers’ end, it displays real-time analytical insights that can help inform their lesson plans, such as downloadable reports on mastery level. They can even access chat archives between students and Cognii to pinpoint their knowledge gaps and create effective strategies to close them. 

Cognii lists out its benefits clearly: 

Our focus is on leveraging and advancing the state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science to create a new type of educational experience that benefits all the stakeholders in the education ecosystem — students, teachers, administrators, parents, and governments. 

If edtech companies want to sell AI offerings, they need to consider both students and teachers. AI in education can’t be compelling if it only addresses the needs of one audience. Cognii targets students’ interests with a virtual assistant similar to ChatGPT, but it also reassures teachers with visibility and control over their students’ work. It’s important to make AI a less threatening presence, especially when ethics come into play. 

By addressing everyone’s common interests, Cognii overcomes one of the main hurdles that AI startups face: how do you prove that you’re not disrupting for the sake of disruption, but striving to improve and innovate? It doesn’t threaten to displace teachers or allow students to cheat—and simply offers to enhance the education experience for all parties. 

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Educators can elevate personalized learning with AI.

Schools are slowly, but surely phasing out the one-size-fits-all teaching method. Everyone internalizes information differently; it only makes sense to tailor lessons according to students’ unique learning styles. And while personalization is becoming a popular approach for diverse learners, it can be challenging for teachers to accommodate everyone at once. 

Dreambox strives to alleviate this potential burden by streamlining math and reading journeys. Students can read or solve problems at their own pace, and its intelligent adaptive learning machine maps out a path that identifies where students are, what goals they need to grow, and the steps that can help them get started. 

After engaging students, Dreambox delivers predictive insights to teachers and helps assess whether they meet expectations. If not, there’s no need to worry—the AI takes a weight off of their shoulders and works with them to maximize learning gains. It supplements their efforts to make a positive difference in students’ learning, promising to help foster a culture of rigor, joy, and excellence. 

“Built by teachers, for teachers,” Dreambox operates with a strong understanding of instructional struggles. Whereas many edtech companies may struggle to understand and provide solutions for common problems in the classroom, Dreambox boasts its team of former educators to its audience. It markets itself as a platform built by others who are deeply familiar with instructional woes—and promises to be a reliable source of support for teachers and school leaders who want to see a change in their students. 

Teaching AI literacy is paramount. 

Teachers and school administrators aren’t the only ones to be intimidated by AI. The general public also express guarded concern, with the ‘godfather of AI’ warning people of potential dangers and ChatGPT creator begging for AI regulations. Without a form of order, AI may continue to stay in murky waters. 

But another reality is that AI is here to stay. Considering how deeply it’s been integrated into various technologies, there’s no doubt that it’ll continue to play a vital role in our classrooms. So, how can teachers prepare their students for this future? 

Short answer: AI literacy. AI in education will be a consistent discussion for the next few years, if not the decade. It can be more powerful to help kids understand its intricacies and potential rather than dissuade them from using it. 

AI4ALL is on a mission to do just that. With a focus on investing in future AI leaders, the nonprofit fosters a strong learning community where students—especially the underrepresented—can freely explore AI topics, network with AI professionals, and become key players in numerous sectors. Simply put, AI4ALL is “working for a future where diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and voices unlock AI’s potential to benefit humanity.” It teaches students everything they need to know about AI, then challenges them to solve real-world problems.  

AI4ALL also provides learning programs that are”deeply rooted in research and continually tested and refined.” By doing so, it supports students in every stage of their AI journey, from discovery to exploration to application. It recognizes its members as AI leaders and changemakers, already entrusting them with the responsibility of driving AI forward. So far, alumni have already made notable strides. Whether to improve healthcare and the criminal justice system or make AI more accessible for students, they don’t shy away from the mysteries of the increasingly complex technology. 

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If edtech companies want to break down barriers and build trust in AI in education, the first step is to educate.

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Shi-won Oh

Shi-won Oh

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