Conversational Copywriting Sells AI Customer Service

Artificial intelligence can be an extremely powerful tool in customer service—when used properly. Here’s how innovators convince the skeptics to integrate it into their workflows.

AI customer service is revolutionary.

It’s pretty obvious that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Capable of almost anything, artificial intelligence (AI) has prompted businesses across industries to rethink the way decisions are made and how everyday tasks are managed. And since AI customer service is advancing at phenomenal rates, it’s hard to believe that businesses still manage customer service and support through traditional methods. 

From gathering data to speech recognition and message response times, AI presents an opportunity for businesses to learn more about their customers and provide the support they’re looking for in a timely manner. Since 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service, AI powered customer service systems may be the answer that companies are looking for to provide customers with the support they need. 

Growing fears of unemployment, lack of transparency, and the necessity of the human touch, the bad experiences many customers have faced with automated customer service systems present a roadblock to mainstream acceptance. Here, we’ll look at how companies specializing in AI customer service use their messaging to connect with their audience to get over the hump and convince skeptics that automated systems can increase efficiency for companies of all shapes and sizes. 

AI’s drawbacks mean the human touch is still essential

One of the biggest challenges faced by AI customer service is the fear that automation will change the way work is done and force people into unemployment. As we look to the future, AI powered systems have the potential to replace jobs across industries. In fact, AI is expected to replace 85 million jobs worldwide by 2025. 

This transition to a more automated world also brings on the challenge of ensuring that workers have the skills and support needed to operate these kinds of platforms. And although chatbots provide 24/7 support and  faster response times, almost 75% of consumers agree that chatbots aren’t able to handle complex questions and are often unable to provide accurate answers. 

Another disadvantage of artificial intelligence is that it can cause significant environmental impact due to its intensive energy use. According to a 2019 study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes. 

There’s no denying the potential of artificial intelligence across fields, even though many still visualize AI systems as smart robots straight out of movies. In reality, the technology is related to a wide range of complex applications and software. Let’s take a look at a few companies that are leaders in AI customer service, and how they prove their value and AI solutions through copy. 

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Cresta leads with conversational copywriting 

Named VoiceStream Innovation Partner of the Year in 2022, Cresta is an all-in-one AI platform that turns real-time insights into real-time actions. Cresta was founded with the goal of “using AI to help people learn high-value skills and by doing so, make business radically more productive.” 

AI customer service can be key in helping identify employee pain points and prevent potential burnout–something that Cresta knows well. Backed by world-class investors, Cresta was made for sales and customer service teams who need to close the performance gap between their top performers and the rest. Copy like “Deliver better customer experiences” aims to make it easier for businesses to help their employees deliver more personalized customer experiences. 

What’s more, through clever, eye-catching, and conversational copy, Cresta makes it clear that they’re a company proven to deliver results. They boast this claim through published statistics on the “Why Cresta” page that show the company is constantly learning and finding new ways to drive business value. From 5 hours saved per week to 10% lower average handle time, this copy helps you feel more confident that by implementing Cresta, your business can focus on what really matters—customer interactions—and let Cresta do the rest. 

Webio understands that technology on its own isn’t enough

Webio is an AI company that specializes in customer engagement over multiple digital messaging channels. By automating and blending millions of customer conversations, Webio’s AI chatbots handle the bulk of conversations, while customer service agents handle more complex tasks. 

Webio works with leading brands to craft conversational messaging strategies for all customer groups. And as specialists in credit, collections, and payment messaging, their website boosts this claim by stating their technology has improved customer engagement by 48%—putting conversational AI at the heart of customer communication. 

Alongside their conversational AI is conversational website copy. Short, attention-grabbing copy like, “Reimagining Customer Engagement” is blended alongside live graphics of pedestrians presumably crossing a street doing what they do best: texting, tweeting, posting, reacting, all on their mobile devices. This helps establish their staying value in the AI customer service field, and that their technology is available to anyone, anywhere, across multiple platforms and digital channels. 

Levity acts as your company’s second brain 

As a no-code AI tool that lets anyone create workflow automations, Levity “acts as a second brain” to empower businesses to automate repetitive tasks, like outbound email replies, survey responses, and inventory operations. Gone are the days of manually monitoring outbound replies, because with Levity’s platform, you can free your team from tedious management tasks. 

To reflect this approach, the hero atop Levity’s homepage reads “Automate everyday tasks with AI,” with the word “Automate” circled with a graphic. If you scroll down the page, you see the word “Automate” again, but this time with consistent moving conversational copy, featuring “Automate your inventory management,” “Automate your survey responses,” and “Automate your document classification.” This aims to show that Levity’s technology does just that: automate your basic everyday tasks. And through published use cases, Levity provides actual customer examples for inspiration that companies can integrate into their own processes to automate their business with the help of artificial intelligence. 

A startup had its copy needs met

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Artificial intelligence can be an extremely powerful tool in customer service—when used and marketed properly

Artificial intelligence has the power to automate many processes and save businesses both time and money. And in becoming more efficient, businesses will also gain valuable insights from what customers are saying. But, aside from leading with accurate, authoritative, and evidence-based messaging—it’s important that your copy tells a story. 

Conversational copy provides consumers with a constant connection to a company, enabling them to receive information quickly and reliably. It’s most effective when implemented across multiple channels—something that each company we analyzed above nails across their website. By addressing their customers in a direct, personal, and relaxed way, these companies are proving their staying value in AI customer service

Alongside conversational copy, companies must keep the customer’s interests top of mind. Conversational copy establishes a consistent brand tone, and helps your audience build a relationship with you. And all copywriters know that building trust with your audience not only leads to happier customers, but boosts the reputation of your business as a whole. And in the world of AI, it’s easy for existing and potential customers to feel that your business is familiar when it sounds like an actual human is talking to them. 

Looking to chat with a copywriter? At MarketSmiths, we have experience learning the ropes of new technologies and building compelling messaging that helps them connect to customers. So, going forward, we’ll use AI as a tool for helping our clients thrive—whether you’re looking to connect with customers, tell a story, or promote a new product. Contact our team today.

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