Why Trust and Transparency Matter for Crypto Copywriting

Discover how companies navigate distrust and uncertainty through examples of crypto copywriting from Argent, Bottlepay, Luno, and Phantom.

Learn some helpful tips for crypto copywriting.

Though the bubble burst back in 2021, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin remain wildly popular. Over 33.7 million U.S. adults—and 101 million people globally—own at least one cryptocurrency. A lesson in resilience, crypto wallets—where crypto currency is stored—continue to thrive, despite economic uncertainty.

As copywriters, we study: How do crypto copywriting teams inform and inspire confidence in a down market? And how do they strike the right balance between simplicity and security? The following analysis considers the approach of leading companies Argent, Bottlepay, Luno, and Phantom.

As the new kid on the financial product block, investors—particularly older ones—are still leery about what kind of returns they can expect from the market. After all, crypto’s lost three-quarters of its value since its popularity peaked in 2021

While crypto providers aren’t allowed to make fanciful financial claims, they can create a sense of certainty to make investors feel more comfortable. Here’s how.

They emphasize crypto differentiators. 

Crypto companies are banking on risk-tolerant investors who believe the future is in secure digital currency and seek presumed advantages over “traditional funds,” notably:

    • Freedom: “Get access to your funds immediately. No more waiting around, start buying and sending bitcoin in seconds.” – Bottlepay
    • Flexibility: “Send and receive payments in a way that works for you.” – Bottlepay
    • Security: “You will never have to worry about the safety of your funds when using the decentralized web.” – Phantom
    • Ease of transaction: “Start investing with as little as $10.” – Luno
    • Futureproof investment: “Crypto will make the future of money and the internet more open and fair.” – Argent

Look carefully, and you’ll notice these themes on every good crypto wallet homepage. 

They use numbers to their advantage.

By law, crypto copywriting must be careful about numbers. Even so, Argent makes investments tangible with the following claims: 

Earn up to 10% by staking ETH

Earn 2.5% on USDC and DAI

Trade for less with token fees as low as $1, with up to 100x cheaper fees than Ethereum. Easily earn up to 10% interest on your crypto through our partnerships. 

Less directly, other companies use numbers to sway trust and signal a healthy investment climate. Luno rallies you to join the other 10 million customers. In their blogs, Phantom and Bottlepay spotlight $9 million and $15 million in seed funding, respectively. 

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They address fears head-on.

To address concerns like, “Will my money be inaccessible?” or “Is it expensive to change my investments?,” Phantom offers simplicity by highlighting its lightning-fast swaps and super low fees. 

Worried about administrative hassle? With Bottlepay’s speedy sign-up, there’s no more waiting around or boring set-up processes. It, too, describes lightning-fast payments, and emphasizes flexibility with the ability to send and receive payments in a way that works for you. 

Crypto beginners may fear: “Will I make a mistake when investing?” or “Will a malicious actor compromise my investment?” In a blog about “Staying Safe with Phantom,” the company explains how it includes friendly transaction detailsabout a transaction before you approve it.

Though it’s a relatively new industry, concerns about legal issues can be assuaged by Luno’s simple promise: We comply with the same AML and KYC regulations your local bank does. And a homepage customer testimonial draws on another familiar parallel with this statement: “Although crypto comes with its own complexities, I found it to be more accessible [than the stock market].”  

They include social proof points.

Crypto copywriting isn’t just written by professionals. It’s curated by users themselves.

Argent offers a boatload of social proof in its People <3 @argentHQ section. Further on, the trusted by crypto leaders section indicates backing from the co-founder of Ethereum, CEO of Aave, and head of engineering at MakerDAO. Finally, its backed by the best assurance includes a vote of confidence from investment firms like Paradigm, Index Ventures, and Creandum. 

Similarly, Phantom builds trust by including user quotes under a section called People Love Using Phantom. 

And in a testimonials section, Luno prominently features customer stories to highlight how investors can get started in a way that works for them. 

They speak in plain English—and in a friendly tone.

Across the board, crypto copywriting features ordinary and friendly language geared toward target demographics. For instance, Phantom describes itself as a friendly crypto wallet (if you’re new) or a beautiful home for all your NFTs (if you’re already in the know). 

Bottlepay teases with a bit of jargon to appeal to different audiences: if you’re new to the space or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered – you’ll love stacking sats. The phrase Bitcoin on tap presumably caters to a young, hip demographic.

Argent offers both basic guides (What is an NFT?) and in-depth recommendations (Block Explorers for StarkNet) with a comprehensive content archive that spans all audiences. 

Staying safe in DeFi can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, Argent reassures. And crypto? It doesn’t have to be confusing, thanks to  proprietary guides that help audiences navigate this exciting new world.

At Luno, everyone’s welcome, as every day we welcome new customers. In a section of the website labeled Big questions, simple answers, it offers: The basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in simple, bite-sized explainers – jargon-free. Luno pledges to be with investors every step of the way, and echoes Argent by saying: Investment decisions are important but they don’t have to be hard. 

They focus on convenience—without sacrificing security.

Want to get started with Argent? The platform lets you know exactly what you need: Buy with card or bank transfer. How easy is it? Trade tokens in a tap. The copy seduces with agreeable alliteration, yet also assures audiences: Easily recover your Argent wallet without a paper backup. Only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else.

Similarly, Phantom offers to protect your assets on the go with the convenience you expect. The company urges users to earn SOL with a couple clicks, while emphasizing its use of biometric authentication as evidence of its simplicity and security. 

Luno’s FAQ section doesn’t delve into too much detail. Instead, when asked how to buy cryptocurrency through its platform, it responds: You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum using the Instant Buy function on our app. The implication? Its app is intuitive and easy to use. Without getting too granular, the company answers “Why choose Luno?” with a simple assurance: We’re one of the top rated cryptocurrency platforms for security, offering industry leading processes and advanced technologies.

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