Why a “Forever” Copywriting Partner Wins Out Over Freelancers

Choosing between using freelancers and a dedicated copywriting partner might seem tricky—but in fact, it's a no-brainer.

A long-term copywriting partner is better than a freelancer.

Today’s copywriting landscape is as robust and versatile as ever. In a market teeming with wordsmiths—content agencies, freelancers, and even shiny new AI tools—how do you know you’re making the right choice for your copywriting partner?

Your needs are distinct and urgent. Perhaps your topic requires niche expertise, or coordination with the right subject matter experts. Or maybe you’re working with tight timelines and an inflexible budget. If the quest for the right copywriting partner is weighing down your already-full plate, worry no more—we’re here to help. Here, let’s dive into an age-old (but timelessly crucial) comparison: a long-haul copywriting partner vs. freelancers.

Freelancers can’t get up to speed fast enough

Choosing a freelancer may seem tempting. After all, they’re relatively easy to find, with enticing promises of availability, quality, and affordability. Sooner or later, however, many teams find that freelancers often struggle to deliver consistency—especially when it comes to versatility and format expertise. What begins as a simple landing page project may soon blossom into a partnership encompassing case studies, e-books, and white papers—content demands that often overwhelm unspecialized freelancers, complicating both quality and efficiency. 

Even freelancers with head-turning credentials—a decorated journalist, for example—may grapple with punchy, alluring landing page copy. Other content demands—such as social media copy for a wandering Gen Z eye—may not be the right fit for long-form blog veterans or SEO specialists. If you’re looking to scale your content arm (and your business as a whole), it’s wise to prioritize versatility before diving in. 

A “forever” copywriting partner can make all the difference. At MarketSmiths, we’re jacks of all trades: our extensive experience across the entire copy spectrum ensures we get the job done right, each and every time. 

For high-converting copy and content, get in touch with MarketSmiths today.

A dedicated copywriting partner provides reliable quality

This factor is a no-brainer—one you’ve probably considered at length. It’s worthwhile to take a closer look, however. 

As industries, content marketing and copywriting lack “real” barriers to entry. Any aspiring freelancer can advertise their services online—no certifications, credentials, or portfolio verification necessary. Quality-wise, many self-proclaimed experts come with challenges that may not emerge until later down the line, when your content demands increase in scale or specialization. Others may send you back to the drawing board with the very first draft. In any case, such an outcome is disappointing—for both your schedule and your wallet. 

At MarketSmiths, we’ve heard it all: many of our clients have expressed similar frustrations with content partners they’ve worked with in the past. Luckily, we’ve got high-quality, on-demand copywriting support down pat: beyond standout experience and expertise, we rely on a rigorous 35-point quality control process that ensures ROI-driving results each time.

A dedicated team can help you with shifting needs

As your content needs evolve, can you trust your copywriting partner to keep you ahead of the curve?

With freelancers, there’s no guarantee. After all, they’re a single person juggling a multitude of clients—and as talented as they might be, they can’t always skillfully maneuver between one cycle and the next. If you need a dozen blog posts and a single flyer one quarter, but more than double the next, your freelancer may not be able to keep up. Quality, consistency, and timeliness suffer—as do your scalability goals. 

A long-haul content team, on the other hand, is specially designed to handle shifting copy needs. MarketSmiths—fueled entirely by full-time writers who work across industries day in and day out—makes sure your project is executed exactly the way you envision it, true to your brand and in line with your most stringent expectations. 

Building a style guide for a billion-dollar firm

A $4 billion healthcare firm was undergoing a major rebrand—aimed at expelling medical jargon and connecting with patients on a personal level. None of this was easy. Time was short, and the company included over a dozen hospitals, each with its own brand vocabulary. But by crafting a comprehensive 13-page style guide, we quickly got everyone onboard, even across 2,200+ pages and 35+ websites. Pretty soon, we helped Advent Health publish thousands of words of incisive, human copy—distinguishing them in a crowded field and getting patients comfortable on their healthcare journeys. 

Read the full case study here.

You need content that drives results

When selected properly, a long-term copywriting partner pays dividends. MarketSmiths provides the on-demand, custom-crafted content support you need, especially as your objectives evolve. Beyond the most immediate perks—top-tier quality, versatility, and efficiency—you get a relationship that comes with one-and-done onboarding, low management requirements, and minimal friction. It’s an investment in content you can trust—and a process that continually brings your brand to life, no matter the demand in question.

When you’re looking for a copywriting partner, there’s a clear choice. Contact us today to get started.

Melissa Ho

Melissa Ho

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa moved to New York to study economics and art. Her biggest passion, writing, led her to MarketSmiths, where she crafts precise and thoughtful copy that leaves a lasting impression on its audience. Outside of the copy world, she attends poetry readings, visits contemporary art exhibits, and dabbles in ballet.

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