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Who are these 'smiths' anyway?

Parisian baguettes are just plain fresher.

Have you ever noticed this phenomenon? Busy contractors are finer at their craft. Wedding photographers with waiting lists are in demand for a reason; maybe the moments they capture are just that much more memorable or real. You can’t throw a random curveball at any programmer that’s done a lifetime of coding, any real estate broker that’s sold hundreds of homes, any dancer that’s performed repeatedly on slick stages, in 5” stilettos.

It’s true of every practice: the better you are, the busier you get. The busier you are, the more practice you get. The more mindful your practice, the more mastery you command, and the better you become (and it all comes full circle).

This is definitely true of copywriting—and especially true at MarketSmiths, where each member of our dedicated in-house staff is held to exacting standards of ownership, accountability, and continuous improvement.

The effect? Just like the baguettes—the quality is baked in.

MarketSmiths launched in 2010.

Word spread, and we grew. In 9 jam-packed years, the MarketSmiths copywriting team has written for thousands of clients about hundreds of topics. We’ve channeled a chorus of voices, conquered dense and technical subject matter, and fulfilled every content format under the sun. We’ve seized our lessons—and mindfully leveraged them to become more capable. We’ve also seen our share of pitfalls, even fallen into a few...and figured our way triumphantly out onto solid ground.

And after all of this, every project is still a delicious new puzzle to be solved. Every deliverable is fresh and wonderful. We enjoy our clients, and we are having a ton of fun.

From hard-boiled journalists to horror fiction authors, we’re a skilled crew of word-slingers that know we’re good—but view every project as a chance to prove how much, and to further our skills. (And yes, we’re hiring.)

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Copywriting for Humans ®

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