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How The Economist Fuses Wit and Sophistication—Even After Two Centuries

How The Economist Fuses Wit and Sophistication In Its Magazine Marketing—Even After Two Centuries

What’s the wittiest magazine on earth? Not the most informative, or the one with the best scoops—but the one that makes you sit back, smile, and think that is clever. If you’ve hung around English-language media, or kept an eye on magazine marketing, you’ll probably point to The Economist, the august current affairs publication that’s helped readers think for nearly 200 years. 

Education marketing isn't just about education—it's about kids

Education Marketing: How Talking to Kids Can Make You a Better Marketer

Guest writer Haley Lee shares what her time as an elementary teacher taught her about marketing—and what we can all learn from the kids. 
In my eight-year tenure teaching first grade, there was one unit that had me pulling my hair out every year, without fail: Telling Time
It’s second nature for us to do as adults, but if you take a moment to think about it—it’s pretty confusing.

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