Maggie Serota

Maggie comes to New York from the mean streets of Philadelphia where she started her writing career contributing to music magazines and the local alt-weekly paper. She landed at MarketSmiths following a brief stint as a copywriter at Tumblr and a much longer stint in journalism covering politics, music, TV, film, sports, and everything in between.

Maggie Serota
What would Tarantino do?

The Path of the Righteous Brand: What Quentin Tarantino’s Films Can Teach You About Copywriting

Quentin Tarantino. Problematic auteur. Controversial filmmaker. Copywriting visionary. 
Okay, that last one is a stretch. 
Tarantino may never have ghostwritten an executive’s speech or penned a white paper, but he certainly knows how to create dialogue that’s…memorable. Although meandering conversations about European fast-food naming conventions and menacing recitations of fictional Bible quotes likely won’t end up in your brand copy, Tarantino has much to teach about storytelling.

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