Olivia Watson

Affectionately nicknamed Lib by her friends and family, Olivia has always found a home in books and the places that safe keep them. You can often find Olivia browsing the fiction aisle at the nearest library, a cup of tea in hand. Her passion for language brought her to the Canary Islands last year, where she taught creative writing to elementary students.

marketing healthcare wearables

The Rise of Wearables: Advancing the Future of Healthcare

Today’s wearables can seemingly do anything. From step count and heart rate to sleep tracking and lung monitoring, wearable technology is rapidly advancing to give users a comprehensive understanding of their health. At a moment when all eyes are on health and healthcare, this technology has continued to build momentum—with usage increasing from 9% to 33% in just four years.

ai powered app

Go with the Flo: How an AI-Powered App Empowers Women

A global pandemic is as firm a reminder as any of the importance of prioritizing our health—not to mention that of our communities. COVID-19 held a magnifying glass up to inequalities in healthcare systems around the world, particularly for people of color and women, and continues to reveal shortcomings in labor equality, vaccine distribution, and insurance policies. 

original forensics: detective agency

Digital Detectives: How Cado Security Revolutionizes Cybersecurity Forensics 

Decades ago, malicious activity was limited to the physical world—traceable only to fingerprints, footprints, and physical evidence. But in our data-driven, digital world, criminal behavior takes on many forms—one of the most ubiquitous being cybercrime. In the wake of high-profile security breaches, cybersecurity forensics has emerged as a critical way of investigating and responding to online threats.

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