Sarah Lybrand

Sarah is a writer, producer, and mom, not in that order, and thinks these pursuits may have a few things in common: not sleeping, heavy drinking, and flying by the seat of some probably-stained pants. But her love for cracking open a new topic and swimming in it means she’s had the pleasure of learning about, and writing content as varied as personal finance, corporate learning, non-traditional relationships, orgasmic births, and, what it means to be person who is both a mom and a lover of coffee. You can find her work in trade magazines, corporate websites, feminist rags, parenting blogs, and just maybe, in a page-turning, tell-all memoir one day.

how to write scary good b2b marketing copy

How to Write Scary Good B2B Marketing Copy

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today, on this most chilling of holidays, let’s take a moment to address a common misconception among B2B marketers: that their audience’s concerns are less painful, less tortuous, and less terrifying than your average Joe-on-Main-Street’s troubles. While we tend to think of B2C brands as being the masters of using fear to spur consumer action, they hardly have a monopoly on this most powerful and effective motivator.

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