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Why poets make great copywriters

How Poetry Translates into Great Copywriting

Importance of copywriter interviews

The Art of the Copywriter’s Interview

Blog writing tips

How to Be a Successful and Consistent Blogger

Resume writing services

Is Your Personal Marketing up to Speed? (Part 2)

Resume writing

Is Your Personal Marketing up to Speed? (Part 1)

Marketing copywriting tailored

Specificity: The Universal Donor

blog writing

Give Your Website A Little Pico De Gallo

Syntax in copywriting

MarketSmiths- Don’t Be A Syntax Couch Potato

Brand messaging copywriting

The Branding of a President

rocket launcher igniting compelling content

Report: Inbound 2012

writing an introduction

The Spear v. The Funnel

Copywriting for desire

Copywriting for desire

Beware of dead flat copy

The Zombie Noun Apocalypse (and How to Fight Back)

Copywriting services

Why Do I Need to Hire a Copywriter?

Captivating copywriting to set your business apart

Are You A Doorknob, or a Doorway?

What reality tv and marketing copy similarity

Good Copywriting

Ghostwriting blogs

How to Write a Blog Post

Content copywriting

When in Doubt: Write What You Say


What Kind of Writer Are You? Part 1: “Pruning & Perspective”

Copywriting services

What Kind of Writer Are You? Part 2: “The VAST Grill of their Imagination”

LinkedIn profile writing

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile content

How a Great LinkedIn Profile Pays Off

the economy

On the Economy

MarketSmiths ®

Copywriting for Humans ®

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