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Your services are coveted, your products craved. Your company has the potential to innovate, to bolster, to enthrall an entire globe.

Now if only you can get the word out.

Fortunately, that’s the (incredibly) fun part. Once your website copy is powerful enough to convert qualified prospects, we help you fashion a ghostblogging campaign. Then, we assign an editorial-savvy blogging team to capture engagement, draw traffic, deliver value, and invent delight.

These seasoned ghostbloggers scale to your needs, delivering consistently on-strategy and on-brand. What’s more, our ghostblogging services share the same vigorous content quality control as our other projects, which means we’ll never pair you with a freelancer we barely know, and leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, we put an experienced set of extra eyes on each post–ensuring its likelihood to drive both overall and specific campaign objectives.

A Seasoned Editorial Team

As a team, our bylines are everywhere: GothamistForbes, The New York Times, New YorkT+LSheSaid, Quartz, The Huffington Post, Condé Nast TravelerXOJane, Grub Street, and more. For brands, we bring these skills to ghostwriting.

This means we’re able to shift voices on a dime. It also means we’re great at getting your audience to click, to read, to share, and to remember.

See, having a blog is a no-brainer. Even without a dedicated SEO strategist, a blog pushes your Google rankings ever higher for target keywords and search terms. Fresh, regular content spurs Google to take notice, learn your trade, and direct relevant searches your way. In a well-strategized campaign, even just one single blog post–if written correctly–can get you repeatedly found by your buyers. In time, these actions fill your pipeline with hungry, qualified clients: clients that need that great thing you sell.

Establish Your Expertise

A strategic blog also shows you know your collective stuff. Send specific posts to prospects. Use them as fodder for your social media channels. Educate your community. Demonstrate thought leadership. Make them laugh.

Sounds great, right? What stops many businesses from having all of this is twofold. First, startups and marketing departments are often too busy to be consistently accountable to their blogs. Secondly, not all blog ghostwriting services are created equally.

The Ghostwriting Difference

MarketSmiths’ blog posts are rich, meaningful, and compellingly clickable. Clients and prospects alike find our blog posts unusually accessible and readable: the ideal blend of human and substantive. As trained journalists, we collaborate with you to develop crisp, intriguing topics. As a copywriting agency, we can staff your blog in teams, ensuring rigorous deadline discipline, on-brand voicing, and a volume that’s up to you–not your cumulative workload.

You want your business to be found. You want to increase your reach and reputation. You want to educate visitors and prospects–and teach them to choose you. Blog ghostwriting with MarketSmiths is the way to go.

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