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We all know content is king—driving traffic, leads, and sales to your growing business. But that unassailable truth comes with a big caveat. To rise above the digital din, you need blog pieces of the utmost quality—rich in insight and information, superior in storytelling savvy, and deeply relevant to the audience you hope to engage. Mediocrity gets you nowhere. 

This poses a problem when you try to outsource blog writing to many freelancers or other agencies. The results are often… meh. Maybe the pieces aren’t awful. But they lack that “wow” factor that’s increasingly necessary to entice busy, distracted readers to click—and that turns those clicks into reads, reads into shares, and shares into brand lift and revenue. 

Fear not, MarketSmiths is here to be your editorial-savvy blogging team. Behind some of the world’s most successful brands and business leaders, we work tirelessly to create blog pieces that capture engagement, draw traffic, deliver value, and invent delight. And our process is simple and repeatable, so you and your team can simply plug-and-play—and be on your way to blog publishing success*. 

Fresh angles that command attention

Having a blog is a no-brainer:

  • Done right, it can push your Google rankings ever higher for target keywords and search terms. In a well-strategized campaign, even just a single post—written strategically—can get you repeatedly found by your target buyers. In time, these actions fill your pipeline with qualified leads, partners, talent, and more.
  • A strategic blog also shows you know your collective stuff. Educate your industry. Provide well-earned views. Roll out hardcore thought leadership. Show off. Have fun with it. Make people nod—and laugh.
  • Send specific posts to prospects that need to read them. A particularly educational link can answer a question—and help move people closer to sale.
  • Re-purpose post topics, excerpts, and other material into social media channels, webinars, podcasts, and more. Write lead-ins to blog material—and weave these into your next marketing newsletter. Repost topics on LinkedIn. Create a PDF with a crisp summary of what you know—and why it matters. Get the word out.
  • Use a popular post to pitch media—and get some well-deserved PR.

In this case, more begets more. You will get more mileage when you spread the word across channels, media, audience segments, and the like. And the better your raw material, the better your results. Simple as that.

B2B blog writing that drives visibility—and cultivates trust

Hooks, headlines, and high-concept thinking reflect your brand voice—and we can provide it. With journalism chops that have landed our writing everywhere from the Gothamist and Forbes to The New York Times and HuffPost, paired with marketing mojo that’s been tapped by the world’s most well-known brands, we have what it takes to expand your reach and reputation. 

Search strategy is built into every piece we write. Our goal isn’t just to craft top-notch pieces that establish your authority and build your pipeline—we are equally concerned about getting your content found. Frequent SEO training ensures that our in-house team is always up to date on the latest updates to search engine functionality—so they can ghostwrite you blogs that are designed to rise in the ranks 

A process that works—by a team you trust

No more chasing down freelancers, vetoing tone-deaf (or tired) angles, or waiting weeks for slow drafts. Our responsive team is built to work quickly and nimbly. If you need, we can pitch you ideas that dovetail with industry happenings, accommodating lightning-fast turnarounds and seamlessly keeping pace with your accelerating needs. 

Talk to our seasoned team of blog writers to enact a winning content strategy today.

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