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Copywriting for Brands

New leadership. Bold new direction. Acquisition—followed by changes in ownership.

No matter what your company does, shifts like these can leave any marketing or communications team momentarily at odds, figuring out how messaging should now unfold in the face of sudden change. That’s where we come in.

At MarketSmiths, we have helped many a middle market or enterprise company settle their brand messaging graciously in new directions.

A Toolbelt For Your Brand

Following discovery, we can write brand books that exude clarity and confidence, brand narratives that drive crisp, compelling storylines, and style guidelines that unify messaging—serving as robust little cheat sheets that include evergreen writing tips, brand-specific do’s and don’ts, and annotated templates of finished pieces.

All of these materials add compound value, as they guide internal copywriters for any and all future messaging.

Throughout the process, you’ll enjoy working with a dedicated team on our staff. Bound by a fierce sense of ownership, shared accountability, and commitment to improvement, we delight in producing quality creative that elevates your brand—and gains you abundant results.

Brand Copy Essentials

Where to Use Your Brand Copy

In some cases, our branding work is informative rather than stylized, to serve as a set of directives for your marketing strategy. In other cases, we can hand you captions, taglines, and repeatable messaging, primed to be inserted in outward-facing assets, such as on your website, in sales collateral, and on social media profiles.

When to Engage Us

Ideally, we’d craft these pieces after putting the finishing touches on your latest copywriting project—not only will we have gained a full education in your brand, we’ll also have received valuable exposure to stakeholder viewpoints and tonal preferences.

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