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Joining Our Staff (2022)

Joining Our Staff

MarketSmiths is a Writing Community

MarketSmiths started as a writing collective. Despite amazing growth, we've retained that initial seed of a community of creative professionals.

Any writer working in a community of writers and content strategists honing their craft across multiple clients, industries, and formats will evolve into more of a writer than if they went to work for a single client.

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Personal Growth & Advancement Baked-in

Regardless of the level at which we hire, there's a plan for advancement to increasing responsibility and rewards, coupled with a determined commitment to each team member's personal growth as a creative professional.

Because MarketSmiths works with some of the most interesting brands on the planet, the opportunities to hone one's skills are unparalleled. In fact, we depend on it.

Interesting Projects at Every Turn

Not every assignment is scintillating but, taken as a whole, the range of accounts we manage ensures a wide breadth of fun and exciting experiences for any writer, regardless of specialty or experience.

In any given quarter, you might be on a team delivering a website for a startup inventing a new way to detect cancer early, blog articles for an entertainment firm that hosts everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Michelle Obama, and a video script for the United Nations, punctuated by more mundane challenges like an email series for a virtual server behemoth.

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Continual Support & Collaboration

You're never on your own at MarketSmiths. Writers, content strategists, account and project managers not only ensure the highest quality product for our clients—they're your go-to partners in the craft, providing encouragement, insight, and helping to overcome hurdles from unclear parameters to client pushback to just feeling overwhelmed.

We routinely ask each team member for a status check, so we're aware, when you're aware, of needs for additional resources, input, or leadership.

A Culture of Appreciation

A high-performance team that delights our customers deserves delightful rewards. From free lunch to extra days off to renting out an entire movie theater for a special viewing, MarketSmiths says "thank you" as part of the culture.

If you've worked in a stodgy corporate environment, or neatly avoided one, you're going to love the laid-back attitude coupled with top-notch output we cultivate at MarketSmiths. We're looking for the best of the best, reciprocating in kind, and we hope that's you!

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It's All Right to Brag

We make no secret of this: MarketSmiths is the premier copywriting agency on the planet. We work with amazing startups, government agencies and nonprofits, and the biggest brands on earth. They come to us because we create an environment that can't be neatly replicated by hiring individual writers and putting them in a context OTHER than a creative community.

If you become a "smith", you might be tempted to brag about it to your friends. And we're OK with that. Our Glassdoor reviews speak for themselves. If you want to be part of a copywriting firm that is one of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing privately-held companies, let's talk. We'd like to brag about having YOU.

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