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Joining Our Staff

Joining Our Staff

How Do I Join Your Ranks?

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For Writers Only

So, you want to sharpen your strategy chops. Broaden your knowledge of business...and perhaps life. Measure how your writing impacts the people around you. And wield one of the most potent tools in business today. Here are some questions to that end.

  • Are you logical to a fault—especially on the written page?
  • Are you quick to grasp the big picture, but meticulous with deadlines and details?
  • Are you a fast learner—and eager to explore multiple facets of the modern world?
  • Do you pursue excellence in your work—defined by meeting goals and pushing yourself to aim higher?
  • Are you the type of person that listens for what matters—and quickly gets it?
    When you write, do you ever vanish into a zone, absorbed wholly by your message?

If you can answer with a resounding yes, MarketSmiths wants to talk to you. We are often on the hunt for on-site, on-staff talent at our office in Greenpoint (Brooklyn). Every staff member receives an intense, on-the-job apprenticeship—and engages in the day-to-day practice of copywriting and editorial writing: the MarketSmiths way.

Writing Jobs

All of our in-house copywriters are on their way to being content strategists—and all content strategists are on their way to cultivating a personal practice, full of eager, appreciative, “all-star” clientele.

Once on board, you'll hone your writing skills, moving strangers to action using infinite tools, all based on the thoughtful “manipulation” of the English language. You’ll expand these skills across 12+ industries, 25+ content types, and infinite voices.

You’ll work with some of the smartest business leaders around: founders, strategists, executives, marketers, and thought leaders. You’ll fashion yourself into a sort of ‘Method’ writer. We’ve channeled the punchy and playful, the serious and formalized, the straightforward and real. At clients’ request, we’ve been sardonically hysterical, colloquial, conversational, dramatic, compelling, even sometimes silly. These voices will be tools in your toolkit, things you can pull out on a dime, along with your growing portfolio of work.

To apply, send an email to In the subject line, write “I Want to Join MarketSmiths.” Attach your resume and 3 writing samples, and answer the following questions:

  • Why are you a writer? What does it mean to you?
  • At 25 or 65, there’s always something we’re learning. What’s your most impactful recent life lesson?
  • Fiction or non-fiction, or neither? What are two favorite books, and why?
  • Tell us a story about a piece of writing you created that got someone’s attention—or made a difference in business. What was the writing—and the impact? And please, don’t include the email you’re sending to us.

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