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The crest and swell of variety is a wonderful thing. We love so many of our clients, but we can’t list them all on this page. Here, then, are some companies you may have heard of:

Compello Partners

As a private equity advisory firm, Compello Partners has spent several decades advising private equity firms on everything from due diligence to merger integrations. Between the fast pace of transactions and advising clients, the Compello team didn’t have time to dedicate to writing its website. 

Investment Consultancy ($50B AUA)

With over $50B in AUA, an independent investment advisory firm has been a stalwart within financial consulting. Founded in the 1970s, the company numbers 50+ employees, with nearly 200 clients ranging from hospitals to major endowment funds. Since 2018, our copywriting team has helped the advisory firm on a range of projects, including web copy, brand content articles, thought leadership, an internal style guide, and more. 


Client: “I was really looking for an agency that could freshen up our language” De’Longhi has been a stalwart of the domestic appliances world for nearly five decades. Back in 1974, the Italian company made it big manufacturing an oil-filled radiator—success that has continued across a range of products, from portable air conditioners to deep fryer filters. 

LinkedIn: Talent Solutions

Client: “I focus on top-of-funnel contentvery much brand awareness and thought leadership” From sourcing diverse talent to bringing out the best in remote staff, building a business dream team isn’t easy. It’s unsurprising, then, that so many hiring managers, talent acquisition teams, and others have turned to LinkedIn Talent Solutions for help. 
Transforming trials through transparency.


Client: Conversion rates are up by over 40% Did you know that there are over 10,000 clinical trials going on in the United States right now, testing around 2.8 million patients? That’s a lot of people—and a lot of data.


Client: “We just can’t make the time” Fun fact: chemicals are essential to 96% of manufactured products today. As such, CABB Group GmbH’s Jayhawk site plays a key role in the reliable performance of some of the products you trust the most: from veterinary care products all the way to smart devices, including the latest phones.


Client: “We wanted to professionalize our international presence” A leading platform for collaborating in-house to generate beautiful regulatory and shareholder-facing documents, Tangelo Software makes life easier for corporations around the world. With a powerful knowledge of Investor Relations personnel—and their specific needs, the company has proudly grown from Dutch roots to offices across five continents. 
Digital transformation


Client Known for smart and capable HR products, PeopleDoc—now part of UKG (after the mega-merger of parent company Ultimate Software and Kronos®)—makes life simpler for corporations around the world. Marrying elegant design with the latest in cloud technology, PeopleDoc’s software is popular with customers from Starbucks to American Express. 

PM Credit Management

Our Client Anthony Davenport, founder of Regal Credit Management, is not the sort of entrepreneur to stay still for long. Over a decade of hard work, he’s transformed his business into a thriving credit repair and data protection company, boasting high-profile clients that we can’t name (but you would definitely know), publishing the “it” book about credit—and winning plaudits everywhere from USA Today to the New York Times


Our Client Michelle Adams, Sr. Content Specialist at San Francisco-based Kintone, is a busy marketer. To rapidly build a customer base in a competitive SaaS space, she needs to generate a variety of content, from digital ads and blog posts to ebooks, webinars, and more.

B6 Real Estate

Our Client The model for New York City commercial real estate (CRE) transactions hasn’t materially changed in 40+ years. B6 Advisors set out to break the mold—and emerge with fanfare. Fortunately, making a splash is nothing new to these founders.


Our Client Few brands we’ve worked with have a story as rich as Canson’s. Its first paper mill, founded in 1557 by the Montgolfier family, created the lifting envelope used for the first untethered hot air balloon flight. Since then, Canson’s star has only risen.

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