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Becoming a Contract Writer

Becoming a Contract Writer

Contract Writer (Freelance) Opportunities

You’re a freelance copywriter? Liberate yourself from administrative hassle. Leave selling, pricing, invoicing, client management, and collections to us.

You’re not a writer yet, but want to be? Enjoy a freelancer’s lifestyle: work from home, make your own schedule, get paid rapidly.

Either way, come help us vanquish the Great Writing Depression, these literary dark ages. If you care, then you know what we mean!


  • A professional writing practice or 2-3 writing samples you can share
  • Basic reporting abilities (confident on phone, curious, able to generate incisive questions)
  • A fondness for learning about what makes people (and businesses) tick.
  • The ability to understand and explain complex concepts.

To Apply

Please email In the subject line, let us know if you’re applying for a Staff or Contract role. Include 1) your resume, 2) 2-3 writing samples (not necessarily professional or marketing-based), and 3) a cover letter with answers to the following questions:

  • What do you enjoy about writing? If you’re a professional writer, tell us why. If you’re not, tell us why writing is your next logical path?
  • What do you like to read? Tell us a few recent books you've read, and list any publications you habitually consult.
  • At 25, at 40, at 65: we are all learning something new (about how to live life better). What is the most important thing you've learned in the last decade?
  • Tell us about a recent time you used the written word to persuade someone of something. What happened? Be specific, please.

Come fight alongside us! Together, we'll win the war on bland!

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