Copywriting Workshops

Level up your copywriting skills—the MarketSmiths way.

Copy is a core part of your team’s function. But if you’ve ever tried to craft a compelling subject line, structure a high-converting landing page, or roll a basket of benefits into a big idea, you know this. Copywriting is much easier said than done.

The good news? Copywriting is a skill that can be both acquired—and cultivated to mastery. As one of the premium copywriting agencies in the nation, we’re here to help to take your team’s skills to new heights. 

Here’s what MarketSmiths can do for you:

Collaborate with us to develop and deliver a highly effective copywriting workshop that empowers your team—and inspires them to write words that work harder for your business. 

MarketSmiths’ Copywriting Workshops are always:

  • Bespoke. Content is always relevant to your brand, industry, and objectives. 
  • Actionable. We’ll share principles—and show you how to apply them.  
  • Lively. Attention spans are short; we keep things moving and fun. 
  • Engaging. Participants interact, perform exercises, and work on live projects. 
  • Fresh. You’ll never receive a rehash of what’s already out there. 

We can build on our core curriculum—or create something custom from the ground up. 

I’m in! Let’s talk.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of Copywriting Workshops we’ve put together for clients. 

Client: MetLife

MarketSmiths had been writing bios, press releases, emails for a spate of recent regional director promotions. So when MetLife brought together their GBS (Group Benefit Sales) associates and representatives for the annual GBSU University conference, MarketSmiths proposed helping their sales team amp up their LinkedIn profiles.

Here’s what we did:

  • Designed and wrote double-sided hand-out, with profile tips on one side and an annotated example profile on the other
  • Wrote and designed 3 slides with tips as part of their big screen slide loop, which played throughout the conference
  • Conducted ~30 10-minute one-on-one consults with sales reps, giving each personalized recommendations on content and wording to beef up their LinkedIn profile.

The consults were conducted via Zoom live from the Nashville conference center, with a MarketSmiths pro on the other end of each of five iPad connections.

The feedback from MetLife was glowing:

  • Attendees thought the workshop was a unique idea and experience.
  • Team members commended the MarketSmiths with identifying areas for improvement. 
  • One veteran MetLife representative said, “This is one of the best things I’ve done.”
  • During MetLife’s internal marketing recap there was excitement from the marketing team to further use the tip sheet—and do the workshop again in the future.

Client: L’Oreal

Global beauty brand L’Oreal was looking for new ways to inspire fresh creative thinking from their global marketing organization. To that end, they partnered with Maria Schools, a Paris-based continuing education agency, who, having seen our founder’s copywriting TED talk, knew we would be the perfect partner. 

Here’s what we did:

  • Developed a 1-hour masterclass on the topic of Creative Bravery
  • Shared a wealth of actionable copywriting inspiration, education, and tactics
  • Led participants through an exercise to apply the teachings to a personal project at L’Oreal

The results, to paraphrase the brand, “We’re worth it!”:

  • With over 500 L’Oreal marketers in attendance, our masterclass was L’Oreal’s most well-attended Marketing Talk to-date.
  • Our facilitator ran two webinars with participants from areas all over the world, including Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Africa, the U.K., Poland, the U.S., and many more.
  • Attendees were captivated: “Your participants were very much engaged and happy to take part in this inspirational and practical class!” – Maria Schools
  • Evaluations from L’Oreal participants were overwhelmingly positive.

Gain the magic of great copywriting.

Contact us about designing a MarketSmiths Copywriting Workshop for your team.

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