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Our Core Values

Excellence in Copywriting Services

Excellence above all.

For ourselves and our clients.

Pickier than the Ivy League, we test 15% of applicants—and accept under 1%. Onboard, our staff continues to advance client agendas, knowing that excellence produces notable gains and measurable results. How can we make THIS piece more engaging, urgent, provocative, rich, and effective? As such, we put every word through the ringer, applying the world’s toughest copy QC. It’s not proofreading—it’s optimizing for effectiveness, so there’s no chance that it won’t secure results.

Strategy rules.

Otherwise, the words don't work.

This isn’t poetry. The sound of the words, the lyricism, the loveliness—none mean squat without strategy. In our hands, your words are crisp instruments of action. They deliver readers to your door—the precise readers YOU want. They create urgency, produce attachment, trigger momentum. Through our explorations (with you, in targeted research), we find insights in the least likely cubbyholes—each a gemstone of value, of differentiation, of the fuel that drives action.

Content Strategists
Expert Copywriters

Details matter.

Because precision is power.

In the daily tick-tock of our workflow, our clients need us to get those pesky little details perfect. Even beyond the strategies, beyond the pure mechanics of great writing, there are countless tiny things to learn and to master. The way your brand speaks. The specs of your products and services. Avoiding pet peeves. Inventing a better way to say “and.” We do all that, so that your copy doesn’t become your problem.

Forever learning.

As mastery is an infinite journey.

Talent made good refuses to rest. Instead, it scavenges, rooting out fresh hurdles to conquer—and re-evaluating its fortitude in their wake. This mindset is what drives our team to voraciously absorb, well, everything. Myriad industries, topics, business models, viewpoints, voices: the more challenging, the juicier. So we learn fast. And our clients enjoy an effortless ramp-up process that’s fueled by both hard skills and healthy hunger.

Copywriting Education
Copywriting collective

Together we're better.

Who says writing is a solo endeavor?

Here in Brooklyn, we are more than our individual talents. Our studio vibrates with collaboration, similar to a fast-paced newsroom, enabling us to spitball ideas, test approaches, pitch in, even lend a third or 10th set of eyes. We'll build on one writer's incisive research with another's empowering prose, ensuring any transitions are seamless and efficient. It’s not about false standards. It’s about a relentless drive to support client revenue lift, deeper investment, and growth.

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
Inc 5000 content agency

M/WBE certified enterprise.

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