Virus Response Copywriting

Coronavirus Response Copy

Copywriting During Pandemic Copywriting for COVID-Related Pivots and Opportunities

RUSH HOUR 3/24/20: Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Navy Yard

In times of uncertainty, your messaging provides welcome clarity.

At MarketSmiths, our tagline has always been "Copywriting for Humans." In 2020, that phrase has taken on new meaning. If ever there came a moment for businesses and organizations to plug into complex feelings, it’s now.

Our clients are finding creative ways to adjust and even thrive, amidst change and uncertainty. Many of these ways are vitally relevant—as they help the impacted or deliver a direct solution:

  • Like a technology that helps doctors view and monitor lung damage 
  • Or a service that delivers reliable real-time data to hedge fund traders—so they can viably work from home
  • Or a company that brings prestigious degree programs online—beyond simply putting lectures on Zoom 
  • Or a large non-profit that helps valuable social programs remain in the funding pipeline for donors and agency decision makers

It's inspiring to see the resilience, ingenuity, and compassion that organizations and people are displaying in the face of global pandemic, and we're proud to help them with their messaging.

We're grateful that our team can work remotely and take care of the people we love. And we want to do everything we can to help our clients to thrive, however they are positioned.

We are here if and when you need us. Together, we'll hold strong to our belief in the value you offer the world, come what may. 

For Companies And Humans With A Plan To Thrive

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