Digital Agency vs. MarketSmiths

Has your organization worked with a digital agency before? They’re often creative powerhouses, equipped with teams that build stunning brand identities and digital assets.  By developing razor’s edge marketing tactics, they can significantly elevate your brand, and generate effective funnels for lead generation and revenue growth. 

But when it comes to writing, even the finest digital agencies—including SEO shops—might not cultivate the copywriting and content writing departments you need. And that’s where the best-laid plans can go haywire.  

Potential drawbacks of working with a digital agency—when it comes to copywriting 

If you have an existing relationship with a digital agency, hiring them to write your website copy, case studies, lead magnets, blog posts, SEO pages, and video scripts can seem like the logical next step. After all, they’re on your approved vendor list, you already know (and trust) their team, and the prospect of an all-inclusive budget—and a one-stop shop—is enticing. It’s a no-brainer, right? 

Not so fast. Writing may require a deeper dive into your subject matter than said agency is equipped to perform. What’s more, the writers they tap—whether freelance or in-house—might have little to no experience with the type of content you want, the nature of the audience you’re addressing, and the best method for mining powerful insights to make their writing work. Add to that the specificity of your brand, your voice, your authority, your viewpoint, your objective, and more: these are the ingredients of true copywriting firepower. 

That’s why, about once a week, we hear about an agency that delivered on their core offering—but failed in their attempt to generate truly strategic copy or content. The last thing you want is to spend precious time and budget, watch as the resulting content is redlined to pieces by an army of stakeholders, and find yourself scrambling to onboard a new team…for a complete redo. 

For the best SEO and creative agencies, this won’t come as a surprise. They know their strengths—and they’re happy to call in best-in-class reinforcements. Since our start in 2010, MarketSmiths began partnering with digital agencies for precisely this reason. 

A more foolproof alternative to a digital agency 

At MarketSmiths, our relationship with digital agencies is symbiotic. Their core offerings—design, website builds, lead gen strategy, SEO strategy—can help our clients. At the same time, we fill a gap in their skill set, enabling them to deliver a “sure thing” in copywriting—without farming out any work (or risking a valuable relationship). Business leaders and marketing teams benefit, too. They gain specialists across the board—with little additional coordination on their part. 

What makes our writing stand out? The MarketSmiths team has crafted content for almost every technical, B2B, and B2C industry under the sun, including: 

  • Banking, Finance, &  FinTech
  • Consumer Products and CPG
  • Education & EdTech
  • Government 
  • Healthcare & HealthTech
  • Hospitality & Travel 
  • Law & LegalTech
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Media & Marketing
  • Not-for-profits
  • Retail & e-Commerce
  • Science
  • Technology, including Analytics & AI

Nothing fazes us—and yet, we’re far from jaded: every project is a fresh opportunity to generate powerful ROI, thanks to six layers of quality assurance, including the industry’s toughest QC

From website copy to eBooks, MarketSmiths can deliver the right words for the occasion at hand. To discuss how we can meet your content needs, contact the writers at MarketSmiths



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