Director of Operations

Who We Are

In a world where everybody (everybody!) goes online to make buying decisions, growth marketing is the next trillion-dollar industry. In this infinite marketplace, the players that will rise to the top are the companies that can set winning content strategies—and carry them out effectively. Enter MarketSmiths.

MarketSmiths is a copywriting and content agency for the modern age. Launched in 2010, we’ve made a difference for thousands of clients that outsource their writing to us. This list includes DoorDash, LinkedIn, MetLife, prominent hospitals, even the MTA. We’ve channeled a chorus of voices, conquered dense and technical subject matter, and fulfilled every content format under the sun. From hard-boiled journalists to songwriters and horror authors, we’re a skilled crew of word-slingers that know we’re good—but view every project as a chance to prove how good. If you believe in the power of writing, you’ll be in excellent company.

The Job

MarketSmiths is looking for a whip-smart, tech-savvy Director of Operations to bring drive, fresh ideas, and organizational talents to the company at large. You are a rock star who will manage the day-to-day functions of our fast-growing business, while also helping our CEO hone the long-term vision.

In this role, you will be the right (or left!) hand of our CEO. Armed with strong analytical skills, you are eager to apply quantitative insights and make a difference at the highest level. If you are motivated by all you can create out of thin air and want to make an impact in the world, we want to hear from you!

General Responsibilities Include

  • Operations (50%)
    • Create exciting and necessary infrastructure, including driving special projects and helping create/roll out company performance goals
    • Map out org chart as we grow, while keeping our distinctive collegial atmosphere strong
    • Improve margins; perform cash forecasts; direct billing milestones and smaller AR needs
  • Team (30%)
    • Work with CEO to manage and continue building out a rock star team while keeping morale and productivity high
    • Enjoy coaching a quirky, well-built team (incl. 10 direct reports); augment individual strengths and tap hidden superpowers 
    • Help establish and execute policies that promote company culture and vision—while keeping things light and fun
  • Clients (10%)
    • Proactively manage any project issues, working with select clients to achieve winning partnerships every time 
    • Be a conduit for constructive feedback
    • Help support contract review and negotiations as needed
  • Sounding Board (10%)
    • Provide counsel and input for vision and long term strategies
    • Enjoy making decisions that impact the big picture

Who You Are

  • You have strong interpersonal skills/EQ and relish acting as a mentor or coach
  • You feel comfortable managing up, down, sideways, and outward 
  • Your communication leaves nothing to be desired: it’s open, tactful, tailored for the person you’re speaking to, and crystal clear
  • You are honest—even when it’s hard 
  • When necessary, you can be assertive, clear, and keep the CEO (and her mad scientist tendencies) on-task
  • You are not afraid to think big! You are not intimidated by 6- and 7-figure projects—in fact, you expect them
  • You are data-driven, tactical, and logical; you embrace data for decisions!
  • You have a strong command of the written language. You will be in a room full of writers; holding your own grammatically will be important
  • You have a strong facility with numbers, formulas, spreadsheets, and software 
  • You have 5-7 years of relevant professional experience

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary commensurate with experience, with an opportunity to earn bonuses and supplemental pay
  • PTO, sick leave, self-care time 
  • Opportunities for working remotely
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • 401K
  • Parties, happy hours, retreats, meals
  • Unique opportunity to have the ear of the CEO, influence a smart team, and enjoy lasting impact at work

How to Apply

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to

Inc 5000 content agency

M/WBE certified enterprise.

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