What advantages does MarketSmiths offer over freelance copywriters?

By adding rigorously chosen, career-caliber copywriters to our staff, then dedicating them to your work in teams, MarketSmiths offers 6 specific advantages over freelance writers:

  1. You gain a long-term partner, not a short-term project resource. This comes with strategic understanding, built-in versatility, seamless scaling, and an end to repetitive onboarding.
  2. You benefit from our uncompromising selection process, resulting in superlatively effective writers that put clients first.
  3. The resulting team embodies an astonishing array of strengths—while collectively filtering out weaknesses. Suddenly, every deliverable now undergoes 6 types of quality assurances. In other words, you will no longer find yourself despondently rewriting a blog post on a wretched Friday night.
  4. As your new writers learn more about you and acquire fresh skills, they become formidable—to your daily benefit.
  5. Because they’re on our staff, your team assumes staff-level integrity, ownership, and accountability—and yet you don’t need to manage anyone.
  6. If all goes well, you’ll never have to test, recruit, oversee, revise, or onboard another writer again. 
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