Complex topics? Steep learning curve? Curve balls?

This may or may not be an FAQ, but heck, we’ll still answer it. Complexities are our forte. Whether your subject matter is technical, complex (e.g. B2B2B), sophisticated (e.g. c-level), or otherwise hard to grasp, we’re not the kind to be intimidated.

  • We start with firm industry footings across most commercial domains.
  • We build on these with a thorough review of your materials—and an incisive kickoff. All the better if we don’t have completely on-point experience: we excel at exploring.
  • If needed, we’ll follow up with interviews with your SMEs–and any targeted reading and research.

Remember, we don’t need to do what you do. We simply need to understand the industry context, grasp the benefits (in a way that’s clear), and meet your audience where they sit. Happily, we’ve never failed to ‘get’ it. Deep tech. Neural networks. Waterfall distribution. Risk management. Gasification. Fluorescence microscopy. Contract lifecycle management. A host of niche privacy issues. Clinical trial compliance. The intricacies (and shortcomings) of 5G, health insurance, . The more complex, the happier we get. So yeah. Bring on your crazy!

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