What we do is really technical. It took me years to learn this stuff myself. How do you get up to speed on our subject matter?

It makes total sense that you might be skeptical: after all, complex subject matter can’t (and shouldn’t) be mastered overnight. Here’s the cool thing: we don’t need to DO what you do. Nor do we need to become subject matter experts (SMEs). We simply need to build an efficient bridge to your target audience, using words. Successful writing lures your audience to the exact message that best serves your brand today. End of story.

If you’re still wondering HOW, it’s simple: we apply a marketing mindset to journalistic-style inquiry. We deep dive into your material—coordinating conversations (with marketers, leaders, and SMEs), review (of existing assets, competitive sites, etc.), and research. After a few focused sessions, we won’t know how to do your job—as well we shouldn’t. But we WILL know how to position you in a way that’s engaging and persuasive.

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