Why “Copywriting for Humans”?

Do you like our slogan? It’s a point of pride. We coined it even before the Google algorithms began rewarding organic, engaging, high-quality content. Here’s why:

  1. Search engine algorithms are crucial. But they’re not acting on search results: people are.
  2. You want your copy to fit in with your industry. But generic, bland, tedious language don’t change minds or take action. People do.

Our writing leverages logic, visualization, empathy, and delight. In doing so, it stands in sharp contrast to old school SEO keyword copy (devoid of substance), jargon-filled copy (thick and nonsensical), tedious legalese (redundant, exhaustive), and academic writing (freakishly dense). Today, SEO copywriting is copywriting for humans, and we can say we were there first.

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