Financial Copywriting

Money is serious business—and it’s regulated accordingly. But contrary to popular belief, financial copywriting needn’t be dry, dull, or careful to the point of saying nothing. You want to stir your prospects’ souls—not waste their time or put them to sleep.

Pleasing the Compliance Giants

That’s what makes MarketSmiths such effective copywriters for banking and financial content. You see, we realize clearly what the conundrum is. FINRA (and the CFPB, FDIC, NCUA, CFTC, SEC, FRB, state and local agencies) is watching. Fine! We’ve no desire to drum up regulatory interest on your behalf. Nor are we keen to rewrite our own copy pursuant to a lot of redline edits by your compliance department. We’re hip to the program.

Content That Converts

But we also know that your website content won’t make any impact unless it moves your reader. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about the great results we’ve achieved for our clients. Replacing website copy alone (no design changes), we helped a financial subscription service increase leads by 700%, boost revenues by 600%, and reach 123:1 ROI in the first year alone. We’ve channeled humanized, engaging copy on behalf of wealth management firms, private equity/VC firms, investment advisory services, accounting firms, financial tech platforms, insurance and annuities companies, and the like. In the same copy block, we can speak to both sophisticated investors and financial neophytes. We know when to get technical and when to keep it simple; when finance is just numbers and when it signifies power, freedom, and peace of mind. The key? To understand your audience, and tap into their humanity.

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