Freelance Writers vs. MarketSmiths 

Finding the ideal copywriter for your content initiatives—someone who can gracefully navigate industry jargon, fashion compelling stories, stay true to your brand voice and strategy, and turn their work in on time—is no simple feat. 

If you’re a corporate marketer, you might be nodding your head vigorously, having experienced this predicament firsthand. Everything looks solid early on. The writer seems flexible, willing to work weekends, and able to travel on-site when necessary. Thanks to reasonable pricing and short-term contracts, you can easily switch to another writer if things don’t work out, right?

Yes, in theory. But in practice, eventually, the challenges of managing a cohort of freelancers or relying on a single time-pressed person for all your copy needs start to pile up—and when the deadline arrives, you don’t have the words you need to drive real impact.  

The drawbacks of freelance writers

Content marketing is an industry largely without certifications—or any real barrier to entry, for that matter. Because of this, the inexperienced far outnumber the effective. Too often, the low pricing that is so attractive at first sight ends up being indicative of a bigger issue below the surface: too little time to dedicate to your project, lack of familiarity with your audience’s sophistication or your industry’s complexities, messy project management, or a portfolio that’s less than stellar. 

For marketing organizations that need a diverse array of content, finding a freelance writer who’s adept at every format is an additional hurdle. Each deliverable—whether it’s a sales deck, brand guide, or UI/UX copy—brings its own host of traps, hurdles, and pitfalls that require no shortage of time, talent, practice, and experience to master. Even the most seasoned journalist, adept at writing engaging news stories, can’t write effective marketing copy—until she learns to maintain brand continuity, implement SEO best practices, and position your product or service in a way that’s refreshing and irresistible. 

And if your freelancer is a lone wolf, you may run into bandwidth issues. Maybe they can’t scale to accommodate your evolving needs, or perhaps they’re too crunched to consistently meet deadlines. What once seemed like a home run quickly turns sour, proving that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.   

The freelance writer alternative you need 

The MarketSmiths copywriting and content marketing team solves these issues once and for all. When you call MarketSmiths, you can trust that the writer handling your deliverable will be thoroughly vetted (we rigorously test our growing pool of high-quality applicants, and ultimately only hire 2% to our W2 staff) and held accountable for every word, phrase, and deadline. While our staff members are highly capable in their own right, it’s our team-based approach that sets us apart from our competitors. 

All of our pieces undergo a meticulous quality control process and are never shipped without first passing through the hands of one of our content strategists, who makes adjustments against a 35-point QC checklist to maximize ROI and results. For every new client, we develop a prototype that lets us pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for—voice, tone, message, research, call to action—and eliminate surprises down the road. 

Product descriptions, eBooks, emails, brand guides, blog posts, website copy—it’s all within our purview.  From clinical trials to espresso machines, chemical manufacturing to artisanal wines, we’ve written about it all. At same time, we don’t rest on our laurels—and always take time to understand your unique needs and craft content accordingly. 

Ready for a partner who can work with you seamlessly through thick and thin? The MarketSmiths team is standing by to tackle your next big project.  

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