Tell me more about MarketSmiths.

... A copywriting agency? That's awesome! What unifies your work? A fervent devotion to crafting content that captivates. If it’s got words, we can tackle it. Whether your content is for customers, clients, employees, the masses, or esoteric insiders, we’ll strategize and execute it with our trademark verve. What’s more, when you hire MarketSmiths, you don't hire one particular writer. You get a copywriting team.    

What’s special about your Content Strategy Session (CSS)?

Your MarketSmiths engagement always begins with the lively and organic conversation we call a Content Strategy Session (CSS)—and not a questionnaire. Rather than a straight exchange of information, our CSS is designed to give your copywriters flashes of insight into your business—elevating your content beyond basic reporting (the kind of stuff anyone can do). In mining for insights rather than information, the final copy is vibrant, resonant, and actionable.

As copywriters in NYC, do you do any media or PR work?

As format-agnostic copywriters, we're happy to write elements of a media kit (press release, fact sheet, bios) and/or ghostwritten pitches to targeted editors and journalists. Leveraging tone, powerful word choice, and our extensive knowledge of how media works, we will do our best to write something buzzworthy, newsworthy, and even worthy of plagiarizing. We're also happy to leave both comprehensive and targeted media strategy, distribution, outreach, social media, media event planning, and in the hands of many capable PR and social media firms, including MarketSmiths partners.

How do we know our marketing copy will be as envisioned?

The short answer? You don’t. We can’t guarantee that we'll deliver exactly what you imagined. That said, we will deliver the most engaging, brand-aligned, and actionable marketing copy we've got. If it's not right on the first try, you get two rounds of edits:

  • 85% of our clients are thrilled with their first take.
  • 10% more love the second iteration.
  • 4.5% of the remainder are grateful for their third round, when we nail it.
  • The remaining one-half %? Yeah. We discuss, understand where the differences lie, and part amicably.
Additionally, you can browse through our portfolio, read what happy clients say, and trust that we've thought a LOT about how to do the job effectively and with extreme pleasure.

How does payment work for copywriting services?

For all copywriting services, we accept credit cards, ACH wire transfers, and checks.

For blog ghostwriting, who generates the topics? Who does the research?

Great question! Most of the time, it's a collaboration. It might skew toward us (generating blog topics for your approval), or toward you (if you're that rare client with specific ideas). As studious sleuths and creative thinkers, we’re more than happy to research and craft topics for you--and wrap the effort into our engagement. We also realize that some blogs require a client's natural authority, thought leadership, and/or source material. In this case, we can fine-tune blog post titles from a general topic concept, or take your title and run with it. We use our blog ghostwriting kickoff to define a process, then stick to it.

Do you use questionnaires in your Content Strategy Sessions?

Rarely. Questionnaires are often great for our select partners: branding, digital and web agencies. But we find they don't serve a copywriter’s needs. What makes marketing copy really pop is the deliciousness of human narration and discovery. We can’t think of a most delightful way to get there than through one or several condensed but juicy, organic conversation(s). By request, we can send customized questions prior to our Content Strategy Session (CSS). These are designed for you to mull over—not email back. Through the natural flow and improvisation of an organic conversation, we’ll discover rich insights that elevate your content to a whole new level.

We’ve already written our web copy. Can you edit? Please?!

Sure! And also take heed: 9 times out of 10, we scrap existing web copy, and start from scratch. Those writing their own websites are often too close to translate their hard-won efforts into tangible, differentiated benefits—presented from the reader’s viewpoint. What results is a tendency to sound generic, overly self-referential… even long-winded. If you have a start, definitely send it to us. We'll mine it for any nuggets of information, and then mine your (live) brain for the rest. If you don't, then by all means save yourself the struggle. You can turn the job over to hired experts, and end up with a product that's 8,000% better--without moving a (typing) muscle. It's fun--and far more conducive to having a life.

Why can’t our intern perform our copywriting services?

We've no doubt your intern/English major/essay wiz is amazing. We just think he/she isn't a copywriter. Just because someone's got a way with words is no guarantee they'll be able to use them to forge coherent, branded strategy. Powerful copywriting services entail a) utter confidence with format (i.e. your case study, web copy, article, Powerpoint deck), b) a keen head for enterprise, and c) absolute clarity on how words enter the reader's brain, dance with the heart, and shoot out as a clear-cut decision to buy. Let us do that for you--and let your intern employ his/her charm elsewhere!

We’d like to hire your fabulous copywriting team. How can we start?

Great! Fill out our contact form with a specific description of your copy project and timeline. If it's a website, send your site map to info@MarketSmiths.com. Our copywriting team will respond within a few hours, or at most one business day. Assuming we can help, we’ll set up a quick introductory phone call to hear about your objectives, and capture scope. Once we have a complete idea of your needs, we'll send you a customized proposal, clarifying our exact approach and flat-rate fees.

How do you price your copywriting services?

For finite projects (like website copy, where there's a beginning and an end), we price by customized, fixed-fee flat rate. That way, you're not getting any surprises, and we eliminate the conflicts of interest inherent in hourly and per-word rates. For recurring projects (like blog subscriptions, which recur daily, weekly, or monthly), we give you monthly pricing and a set date for invoicing. Regardless of the copywriting services you're seeking, you'll be clear on what you're paying, when, and how.

Do your writers do SEO copywriting, too?

Absolutely. We know very well that if they can’t find your content, they won’t find you. So we take two approaches to SEO copywriting:

  • First, we can work with your SEO or digital strategists to incorporate keyword strategy.
  • Next, we make sure your content is intriguing, readable, and compelling. We make readers never want to click off, since that increases bounce rates (reducing SEO).
  • Third, we understand that when it comes to SEO, conversion is king. So we work toward clean conversions at every stage, making visitors readers, readers fans, fans prospects, and prospects clients. What could be better than that?
Ask any SEO specialist the key to great SEO. Give your readers what they want and make a real impact.

How do your copywriters stay inspired?

Learning about a new business is always exciting. But what inspires us more is the challenge of creation. Our content strategists and copywriters are hunting for an "aha!" moment—or 12. When we hit them, our brains light up like asteroids in a gaming app.

  • Sometimes, we get it with the initial consultation, as with a tech startup that you know is going to be a hit.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t happen until 1:50 into a two-hour content strategy session.
But it always happens. After that, the copy becomes a beautiful afterthought.

How do you keep content strategy consistent?

Simple. Regardless of your industry, format, or brand voice, we apply our 35-point Quality Control Process to ensure that every piece of copy does what you want it to: boost your brand while converting readers. This step is robust content strategy, and we don't ever skip it.

Isn’t all commercial content the same?

Or, as a friend of MarketSmiths once asked, "With a quarter of a million words in English, what makes our writers qualified to pick and choose? Is there mind reading involved?" Sort of! As with any craft, the more you do it, the sharper you get. Our copywriters have spent two cumulative centuries building up to your copy project. We’ve leveraged commercial content to produce hardcore conversions for over 800 clients, and counting. We know how to engage the reader’s brain, build logic, add charm, smooth rough edges, and—most importantly—cut.

Why “Copywriting for Humans”?

Do you like our slogan? It's a point of pride. We coined it even before the Google algorithms began rewarding organic, engaging, high-quality content. Here's why:

  1. Search engine algorithms are crucial. But they're not acting on search results: people are.
  2. You want your copy to fit in with your industry. But generic, bland, tedious language don't change minds or take action. People do.
Our writing leverages logic, visualization, empathy, and delight. In doing so, it stands in sharp contrast to old school SEO keyword copy (devoid of substance), jargon-filled copy (thick and nonsensical), tedious legalese (redundant, exhaustive), and academic writing (freakishly dense). Today, SEO copywriting is copywriting for humans, and we can say we were there first.

Which copywriter tackles my project–and why is this the right decision?

Simple. We know the right copywriter: a) can channel your company voice, and b) knows your chosen FORMAT through and through. (An example of a format is website copy, an engaging article, or an email.) Subject matter comes into play, but it’s NOT decisive. Why? We leverage your subject-matter expertise with our expertise in both discovery and copywriting, giving you content that's strategic--not stale-sounding, or dense with lexicon.

Team copywriting? How does this work?

It's easy! We assign a lead writer to every project. If the project warrants, we assign other team writers, too.

  • All writers work under the direction of a dedicated content strategist.
  • All of us go to school on you, reviewing existing copy (if applicable) and supporting materials, then shopping your brain for the creamy layer that informs effective copy.
  • Behind the scenes, your copywriting and strategy team meet to discuss strategy and approach.
  • Then, your writer(s) go to work, creating the kind of copy that grabs readers, builds trust, and gets results.
  • Before you see a single word, all copy then goes through our signature 35-point Quality Control Process. This goes far beyond typos to facilitate momentum, ensure brand alignment, and, complete 32 other strategic and QA checkpoints.
Your entire team works in concert toward absorption, penetration, and effectiveness. The results are seamless for you, and better for your revenue stream.

How do you pick your copywriters?

We love this question! After all, talent is the difference between content that sinks (or stinks) and content that soars, and we never forget it. That’s why at MarketSmiths, we accept only writers showing raw talent. We look for whether new copywriters:

  • Are able to express vividly, leveraging soul v. words
  • Have a knack for enterprise, in all its delicious nuances
  • Can efficiently structure phrases, sentences, paragraphs, pages, and whole websites
  • Have an absence of bad habits
If you're interested, take our copywriter's test!

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