Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of tapping a copywriting team vs. a single writer?

Countless benefits. A strong copywriting team offers marketers and brands the whole package. Teaming up senior strategists with strong writers provides strategic accuracy, thorough discovery, strong industry footings, sophisticated business savvy, experience and versatility across voices and content types, a mix of big picture thinking and meticulous attention to detail, the elimination of blind spots through strong quality control, the balancing of strengths and weakness, and more. On the logistical end of things, teams supply on-demand availability, necessary redundancies, and scalability. Taken together, it’s rare—if not impossible—to find all this in a single freelancer or staff member who also has the bandwidth and wherewithal to meet your needs.

Who will generate my blog topics? And who does the research?

It depends. We can generate blog topics for your approval, or write based on pitches you provide if you need specific topics covered. As creative thinkers who are fascinated by the way people consume content at every stage, we’re more than happy to come up with topic ideas, especially after the first few months of our partnership—once we’ve learned how you and your team think and what your audience needs or wants to know. We also realize that some blog posts require a client’s authority and expertise, honed over years in the industry. In this case, we can fine-tune blog post titles from a general topic concept, or take your brief and run with it.

Do you do any PR work?

We are not a PR firm. We can help you build a thought leadership platform, generating story ideas for specified publications, and ghostwriting both these pieces and their accompanying pitches (which you would then send). That’s how we’ve helped clients secure stories in publications such as Forbes, The Hill,  Entrepreneur, Inc., Aviation, and Fast Company. We also write press releases, rich with media angles ripe for the picking.

We are not in the business of cultivating relationships with editors, placing stories on our clients’ behalf, obtaining media soundbites and appearances, running social media channels, securing backlinks, or performing any other traditional or modern public relations tasks.

If we work together on your thought leadership platform and you do need PR-type work, we can refer you to a range of worthy partners.

How can you guarantee MarketSmiths will get our brand, especially if our service offering is complex?

Our Content Strategy Sessions (CSS) are specifically designed to equip our writers and content strategists with the understanding they need to realize your brand’s vision. We leave few stones unturned: diving into strategies, eliciting case studies, testing assumptions, and walking away with a thorough understanding of what “success” looks like—for you, for your teams, and for readers. Our two-way conversations uncover rich gems: hidden insights, crucial nuances, and the stories that bring your solutions to life. The unusually thorough process enables your copy and content to develop with precision, power, and velocity. We also send questionnaires to tease out ancillary aspects of our work, including tonal preferences, aspirational brands, and bios—especially if we are writing the latter across multiple team members. 

How do you select your copywriters?

When hiring copywriters for our in-house staff, we carefully vet for a balance among certain  factors: raw talent, on-point experience, evaluated potential, shared interests and values, and drive or ambition. As for how we build teams to service client accounts, this is a proprietary method that we’re not at liberty to disclose. 

How does your team integrate with ours—downloading materials, communicating, and filing work?

We use a combination of methods, depending on your existing workflows. For example, we can add you to our communication or project management software, or join yours. We can also deliver work to you by way of a range of methods (group emails keep things simple on your end). Our goal is to make the process flexible and seamless.

We’ve already written our web copy (or we hired a copywriter that didn’t work out). Can you edit? Please?!

Sure! But keep in mind: often, we’ll need to scrap existing copy and start over. It all depends on what we find to be optimized from the existing structures, language, on-page strategies, approaches, and ensuing development. If you already have a start, definitely send it to us. Once we are on board and kicked off, we’ll mine your drafts for initial insights, then pick your brain for the rest. 

We already have a marketing team. Why work with an external agency?

We don’t doubt your marketers are amazing. If they double as writers that hit the mark, that’s fantastic. However. Many marketers are brought on board to create, iterate on, and optimize strategies—not necessarily to execute them.  Powerful copywriting requires a) extreme comfort with the type of content (e.g. case study, web copy, blog post, ebook, ghostwritten article, pitch deck, sales collateral piece, video script, etc.), b) the ability to intuit each audience persona’s mindset and ideal journey at the moment of consumption, and c) absolute clarity on how words enter the reader’s brain, dance with the heart, and result in a clear-cut decision to read, share, like, download, fill out a contact form, and buy. Let us do that for you–and free your marketers to think, ideate, strategize, and optimize results.

We’d like to hire your fabulous copywriting team. How can we start?

Great! Fill out our contact form or email with a specific description of your copy needs, timeline, and other relevant details. For example, if you need a website, send your site map. If you need a stream of blog posts, send topics. (We’re always happy to sign an NDA.) Our growth team will respond within 1 business day. If our offerings match your needs, we’ll set up a quick introductory phone call to hear about your objectives, capture scope, talk through process and budget details, and get to know your brand. Once we have a complete idea of your needs, we’ll send you a customized proposal, clarifying our approach, fees, and other key details.

Team copywriting? How does this work?

It’s easy! We assign a lead writer to every project. If the project warrants, we assign other team writers, too.

  • All writers work under the direction of a dedicated content strategist.
  • All of us go to school on you, reviewing existing copy (if applicable) and supporting materials, then shopping your brain for the creamy layer that informs effective copy.
  • Behind the scenes, your copywriting and strategy team meet to discuss strategy and approach.
  • Then, your writer(s) go to work, creating the kind of copy that grabs readers, builds trust, and gets results.
  • Before you see a single word, all copy then goes through our signature 35-point Quality Control Process. This goes far beyond typos to facilitate momentum, ensure brand alignment, and, complete 32 other strategic and QA checkpoints.

Your entire team works in concert toward absorption, penetration, and effectiveness. The results are seamless for you, and better for your revenue stream.

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