Forbes-Quality Article Ghostwriting

You care about what you do. Deeply. And you know you do it 90,000 times better, faster, and more astutely than your competition.

Or, maybe you’ve got a philosophy about leadership, contribution, transparency, intellectual property…soundproof construction—and the world needs to hear about it. You’d love to snag some press for yourself or your brand. But who has time to pitch and write?

Enter the Ghost

That’s where our article ghostwriting services come into play. Seasoned journalists, we bypass our bylines to channel your message and your voice. On behalf of clients, our pieces have been placed in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The New York Times. We’ll write it how you’d say it, and in a way that grabs their attention…and earns insights and approval.

Two Ways to Score Press

If you’ve got an outlet—say an ‘in’ with an editor, or another way to get published–that’s wonderful. We’ll customize your piece for the audience at hand, and ensure you get plenty of clicks, social shares, comments, and other attention.

If you haven’t got an outlet, we can also help. We partner with publicists to place your story–and then bring your topic to life.

Notching Up Authority

Either way, you get exposure, thought leadership points, and eyeballs squarely pointed toward your own channels–the ones you control. One of our articles garnered more than 10,000 likes on Facebook…in six days. Our client was ecstatic–and it got him roundly noticed.

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