Healthcare Copywriting

Human bodies are systems–and so is the healthcare ecosphere. Of course, they’re both insanely complex structures that combine competing approaches, countless interests, and copious technologies (too often outmoded). How do you explain your company’s role within these–and simultaneously inspire your reader to act?

Ask MarketSmiths. As frequent healthcare copywriters, we’ve written for providers, policy makers, patient associations, and the various technologists and other services supporting and innovating these realms. Our projects have ranged from patient-facing to extremely technical; for these, we have simplified the impossible and incorporated the difficult (i.e. peer-reviewed research).

Diagnosing Your Brand

First, we get to know your brand and offerings at a cellular level. Then, we use our insights to breathe new life into your healthcare content. In this vein, we’ve helped sell surgical tissue and surgical videos, cancer diagnostics and cancer research, pharma products and pharma-assisting software, and a host of holistic modalities. Whatever your needs and market, we have the skills to craft copy that’s full-bodied, healthy, and compelling.

Starting Treatment

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