In-House Copywriter vs. MarketSmiths

Thinking about hiring an in-house copywriter? Doing so certainly comes with a few perks. Instead of chasing down freelancers or vetting agencies, you can simply stroll down the hall to the writer’s office for briefings and progress updates. And as with any employee on your staff, there’s an element of dominion: you own the process, the directives, the knowledge base, and more. 

But even though having access to in-house writers feels convenient, this copywriting solution isn’t always what you need—or all that you need—to produce the high-quality content that will help your company grow quickly. The truth is that even if you have the headcount to hire, in-house copywriters encounter their fair share of obstacles—often requiring outside expertise to manifest all objectives. 

Potential drawbacks of relying solely on an in-house copywriter for copy and content

As good as your in-house copywriters might very well be, they come with two built-in shortcomings: 1) a lack of capacity or scale, and 2) a potential lack of capability across content types. 

For example, you may have an in-house copywriting team dedicated to managing your blog, launching email campaigns, or writing a steady volume of case studies. Yet it’s common for growing companies to have more requests than their copywriting team can keep up with. 

What happens if your sales team asks for new sales collateral? Or when leadership decides on a time-consuming website refresh? Do you pull your staff writers off task, sacrificing your growth goals? Even if you were to do that, can your writers—hired for their flair with blog posts, email campaigns, case studies, etc.—successfully pivot into a new content or copy format? Every type of content takes practice to master; correspondingly, not every writer can deliver a high-performing ad campaign, a high-converting website, or a high-minded thought leadership piece. 

What’s more, in-house staff can get constantly roped into meetings or other internal obligations, resulting in a struggle to find the time to actually sit down and write.

On the other end of the spectrum, your company might not need a consistent volume of content—but rather require copy in fits and starts, depending on the season or project at hand. If this scenario sounds familiar, you likely don’t need to allocate budget toward a full-time or part-time staff member: the most cost-effective solution would be to pay for services only when you need them. 

A way to augment your in-house copywriting team—or find an alternative solution

Since our start in 2010, the MarketSmiths’ content strategy and copywriting team has been working with companies to produce stellar content and copy: quickly and effectively. We happily collaborate with in-house writing teams to increase your content output—or operate as your sole set of writers to execute ideas. 

We frequently work alongside in-house copywriters: people who simply can’t meet everyone’s demands for content—especially in times of high demand. We also act as outside experts to help with formats our clients’ writers are unfamiliar with: think video scripts, internal playbooks, orientation manuals. Rather than spend your writers’ crunched schedules trying to master these new deliverables, look beyond your company’s walls for a solution. 

Our experience writing across B2B and consumer industries has prepared us for any challenge and every kind of deliverable, including website copy, pitch decks, brochures, video scripts, ebooks, webinar content, and more. With six layers of quality assurance—including a 35-point QC process—we’re what’s known in the industry as “a sure thing”: our copy always produces results. 

As with in-house copywriters, you get an entirely dedicated team—one with a knowledge base you can build on, and a tried-and-true method for extracting the insights that matter. Finally, you can order your deliverables on-demand, pivoting as needed to execute on fast-paced, shifting initiatives. 

With a proven team capable of navigating both sensitive and technical topics, MarketSmiths’ writing will please even your most demanding stakeholders. Ready to work together? Get in touch. 

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