Legal Copywriting

A copywriter writes to effortlessly engage the reader, entertaining while subtly selling. A lawyer writes to build an airtight argument, combining strategy and erudition. But a copywriter’s work isn’t always so nuanced, and a lawyer’s is rarely a delight to read. Good thing our founder is both.

Translate Legalese into Humanese

Champions of humanese, MarketSmiths understands your struggle. With at least one lawyer on staff, we’re experts at translating legal speak into legal copywriting that enchants, persuades, and sells.

No matter what your practice area, marketing yourself and your firm with compelling copy is absolutely key. More and more, prospective clients are checking out your website before walking into your office; if they don’t like what they see, you’ll never see them.

Where lawyers draft content, we craft it; beyond marketing, MarketSmiths tackles internal documents like NDAs, employee manuals, and other docs weighed down by boilerplate content—because if no one’s going to read it, what’s the point?

Provide Legal Docs That Will Actually Be Read

Looking for a website to attract clients, a legal blog to earn an audience, or a brochure to paper the town?

Want to produce legal documents that are both effective and easy to read?

Fill out our contact form to discuss how we can revitalize your legal copywriting and help you secure more clients.

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