Being a ‘Smith (joining our ranks)

So what’s in it for you? What do you get for being a NYC copywriter in the MarketSmiths collective?

A lot. Here are some of the things we have in mind:

  • Become part of a revolution in copywriting. We’re not kidding: what we do is refreshing, visionary, and commercially galvanizing.
  • Get trained by a top copywriter. Sharpen your writing instrument, and excel at combining the creative with the powerful.
  • Realize your dream of writing for a living—leveraging the full force of your observations, wit, logic, and artistry.
  • Live anywhere. We’re based in NYC, but we’ve got writers in LA, Chicago, Miami, Kentucky. We’re open to working with copywriting talent clear across the globe.
  • Relish the natural perks of your role. You’ll meet some of the smartest people around. From them, you’ll learn new things, and process them—like an OK computer—into the most effective copy digitally available.
  • Get energized by teamwork. Our copywriters’ collaborations are fun, creative, and forever fresh.
  • Enjoy a freelancer’s lifestyle: work from home, make your own schedule, get paid regularly and rapidly.
  • Get nimble. We love to de-emphasize subject matter expertise in favor of format (are you website-snappy? do you have a brain for taglines? an ear for commercial dialogue?), kingdom (are you a confirmed B2C writer, or is B2B more your baileywick?), and voice.
  • Help us vanquish the Great Writing Depression, these literary dark ages. If you care, then you know what we mean.
  • Liberate yourself from administrative hassle. Leave the selling, pricing, invoicing, client management, and collections to us.

Interested? We’re glad! You’ve got to have the following talents:

a) You can paint a vivid picture with words,
b) You can grasp and explain complicated stuff in a simple way, and
c) You’ve got to be hungry to understand businesses and the people that run them, and what makes each tick.

To apply, email with:

  • A snappy cover letter
  • Three or more of your proudest writing samples
  • Your résumé

Come fight alongside us! Together, we’ll win the war on bland.

Digital Strategy by MadPipe

UX by  Lucy Dotson

Photography by Chellise Michael

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