Luxury Copywriting

Rare diamonds. Truffled delicacies. 1,000 thread-count sheets. Your products, restaurant, or resort is simultaneously exquisite and tantalizing.

With the quality comes a (juicy) price. How do you get your consumer to walk past the value-driven alternative—and spring for your plusher, richer choice?

Show Them Irresistible

At MarketSmiths, our luxury copywriting does more than justify premium pricing–it insists on it. We burrow in nose-first, creating an image your reader can taste, touch, and smell. Imagine on a white-sand beach, or bubbling in a frosty glass. They can turn it over, feel all of its possibilities–until they’re hooked.

Then we endow it–while dangling irresistible desire. We keep perspective light as a wink and a smile, priming your readers for plump and pampered.

Treat Yourself

Looking to luxuriate in alluring copy? Let’s chat.

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