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A press release heralds the dawn of a breaking story, and a fresh new horizon for your company. But if no one notices, that new horizon could be a mirage. You need a publicist with the right contacts and savvy social (media) skills, fueled by one or several press release(s) that are powerfully written–leaving zero room for indifference.

That’s where MarketSmiths comes in.


As former journalists, we instinctively begin investigating your story in rich, relevant context. We then craft it to be riveting, locking in our natural media-friendly flair. As copywriters, our press release writing hits the ground running, starting with the meat (not the ‘once upon a time’ beginning), and drawing editors and reporters deeply in. If your publicist then lands something they’d like you to write, we’re happy to ghostwrite it for you.

As a parting shot, know this: the highest form of flattery is an editor’s copy/paste.

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