Press Releases

Make your news monumental.

Your team has won an award. Acquired a new company. Released a highly useful piece of software. Or maybe you’ve taken a challenging situation—and turned it into something amazing. 

These are fabulous tidings—and the result of hard work, steady drive, and clearcut genius. It’s time to let the people know, reminding them that your brand is both relevant and radiant. 

A crisp, incisive press release goes beyond capturing attention. For editors and journalists, it demands coverage with a story that practically writes itself. Contrast this with a bland media announcement that falls on deaf ears. MarketSmiths writes only the former—and ensures your news bursts brightly into the light of day. 

Once a journalist 

Our team includes current journalists and former publicists—so we have thoroughly worked both sides of a buzzworthy story. Whichever media influencers you need to influence, our press release writing does the trick. 

If you have a first draft, give it to us and we’ll make it sing. If not, our team will likely want to speak, learning first your narrative and its glorious context—and the insights and story angles that pour off of them. As a preview? The meal we’re serving starts with the main course—not the salad. After that, it gets seen, weighed into, then letter-ready for your PR firm or publicist to tell the world. 

Get the word out. Fill out our form, and our sales team will be in touch. 

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
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