The MarketSmiths Mission

To connect clients with their communities in a way that’s visceral, purpose-driven, targeted, and roundly welcome.

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The MarketSmiths Mission

Finding the ‘Human’ in Your Brand

Culturally, our association with the written word is perhaps now more tenuous than ever. Wide-ranging disconnects have led to vast polarization, as hype, hyperbole, and fake news systematically deprive everyone of shared categories of meaning. Along with a volatile political climate, low job satisfaction, even aggressive public behavior, trust in institutions and brands is at an all-time low. Just look to the Great Resignation. 

To inspire, brands must channel needed empathy and build bridges. In essence, they must return to the search for our common soul. 

This carves an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to reacquaint their audiences with joy, hope, delight, and renewal. Rediscovered language — alive with connection — can stand in contrast to a monotone, joyless, and superficial cadence of corporate communication. 

Women-and minority-founded and led, MarketSmiths works on this directly by enabling companies to find and claim the human wavelength. In the hands of our copywriting and content agency, the products and services one normally takes for granted are brought to vivid life, as crisp engines of connection and collaboration.  

In a time when official communications need warning labels, we aren’t just giving firms a better way to deliver their message: we’re innovating the language of trust.

Connecting Clients to Community

  • For DoorDash, a company that takes friction out of retail logistics, we’ve systematically removed friction from their business-facing communications. Our ebooks, trend reports, and blog posts consistently draw 66% more downloads and 125% greater closed wins than other materials.  
  • For LinkedIn, a company that fosters professional connections, we instilled their messaging with human-level connection, generating 100s of uncommonly readable and usable educational materials. 
  • While the world hung its fate on medical R&D, we helped a dominant healthcare brand increase the transparency of clinical trials across the world.
  • When financial uncertainty and anxiety were at a peak, we supported a private fintech company in helping their clients find bedrock — producing 37.21% email open rates and 4.71% click-through rates: 70-110% above industry averages. 
  • When employees burned out en masse, we helped a digital wellness coaching company successfully launch a new enterprise division that reduces overall work stress at scale.
  • At a moment when truth itself remains ambiguous, we helped a software company to compile verifiable data for major corporations, enabling global expansion through hundreds of new demos and webinar registrations per campaign. 
  • In a time when fantasy often obscures fact, De’Longhi, which improves the comforts of home, couldn't find a writer to romance their copy in a data-driven way. They reveled in our ability to tether the dream to reality.  

Since January 2021, we’ve written an estimated 8 million words, which change the world by creating solidarity between brands and their consumers, one paragraph at a time.

New Language—Not Just Better Phrasing

The Words

We spend a third (90,000 hours) of our lives at work, and a third (7.88 hours) of any given day engaging with media and communication. Why not make those days and hours replete with substantial meaning? By finding a brand's contribution to calm, joy, happiness, and goodness, MarketSmiths makes business communications — the final frontier — harmonious with the other aspirations of our lives.

Other writers and copy or content agencies may focus on delivering a better-sounding version of what their clients are trying to say. This often leads to surface-level copywriting, i.e. improving flow, but for the wrong strategy or journey or audience, off-kilter points, unengaging openers, non-persuasive content flows, and the like.

In contrast, we start by unpacking client insights, then using them to hit an effective, efficient bullseye of intention. Far from making copy superficially ‘pretty,’ our process is definitively strategic: it involves determining the right message (at this moment), the optimal approach (for framing it), and the ideal journey (so that readers can recognize themselves, feel the urgency, and respond). At MarketSmiths, we focus on how to never miss these meaningful bullseyes—for to do so would be as if you had no copy at all.

And we do it in a way that generates community in our world, too. In a realm where freelance platforms, gig workers, and staffing solutions are the overwhelming norm, MarketSmiths bucks this trend — and hires all writers full-time on our in-house staff. Far beyond an administrative detail, this makes a significant difference for both the writers that love their craft — and the brands that choose us to rediscover their soul.

The Writers

Our diverse staff of writers is 85% women, 22% minority, and cuts across four working generations: Gen Z to Boomers. With our differences intact, this rich tapestry allows us to trade work, share insights, and touch the universal in a way that the stereotypical lone writer cannot. 

For their part, writers gain a career track that prizes a skill set that is both overlooked and underplayed. They experience freedom in a fun, laboratory-like environment: the freedom to practice their beloved craft and delve into any topic, any realm, and any type of writing on our roster — and know that the work will improve the world and its relationship with the companies we love. 

In the past year, in addition to fostering community among our writers, we have begun to foster an interactive community between our employees and clients. Beyond working together, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ end products: from offering a company-wide trip to East Africa where one client runs a resort, to experiencing cheese pairings and digital athletic coaching, to gifting employees with quarterly and anniversary products drawn largely from our own clientele.

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
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