Naming and Tagline Services

A great name says it all.

They pique interest. They shed light on your product or service. They’re catchy and memorable—lingering on lips and in brains. We’re talking about names, slogans, and taglines—the three crown jewels of brand writing. And in a marketplace bursting with parity, they matter more than ever. 

It’s astonishing how far a word or three can carry a product, service, or brand. It’s also astonishing how many game-changing offerings never reach their full market potential, in part because they lack a catchy moniker that entertains, informs, and sticks like honey. 

Successful naming and tagline services

If you’ve ever tried to come up with a great name or tagline for your product or service offering, you might nod in recognition. Naming is hard. Here’s why. 

Many great names are already taken—as are their corresponding URLs, U.S. trade name registrations, and Google search mojo (you can increase yours, but why add confusion at the outset?). With these, it’s best to stray away. 

For a novel name,  you can’t be too literal—unless being literal is your brand’s thing. If you have a shaving innovation that’s set to take over the world, by all means call it “The Shaver.” If it’s not, maybe read about these naming debacles in Toronto and don’t go that route. 

At the same time, it’s best to figure out if you still want a tie-in to the product that lets everyone know what you do. Nike, Tesla, LinkedIn: all are great examples of names with built-in meaning. By the way, we love the story of how Nike got its name, as told by Nike’s founder, Phil Knight.

A unique process—with a price tag that works

Having named a handful of companies, a couple of brands, and a few dozen products and services, we are confident that our naming process offers unique benefits:

  • Rather than 1 namer, you get as many as 10 (depending on your subject matter and budget).
  • All of your namers and tagline ideators are both seasoned and successful. The results are typically as diverse as they are stunning.
  • Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for one name, you pay for our time. That’s it. No catches.

Is your internal team running out of ideas? Reach out. Let’s talk about our naming and tagline services—and see if we can help.

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