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Don’t neglect your fan base 

It’s a common dilemma for any busy B2B company. Say your team is focused on growth—generating new leads and delivering them swiftly to sales. Great!

So what happens to the people you’ve already engaged? How do past or current customers, collaborators, and employees learn about powerful new offerings, fresh viewpoints, helpful resources, illuminating case studies, and news updates that are frankly hyper-relevant to their world? How (and how often) do you keep the connection alive—engaging your audience in productive conversations, or just plain reminding them you care? Simple! By writing a marketing newsletter intended for results.  

Or: maybe your team already sends a marketing or internal newsletter. But it’s inconsistent—or results in less-than-spectacular open rates, click-throughs, and unsubscribes.

Psst!! These aren’t issues you ought to be dealing with.

What you know matters (unless you forget to tell them!)

The thing is, what your team knows could fill several books. Together, you’re the keepers of crazy-good resources, insanely effective solutions, indispensable education, provocative beliefs, problem-solving narratives, and so much more.

Well yes. That’s the idea. Not only can you share these items, you must. Two reasons: 1) they empower the very people you are built to help, and 2) sharing these brings in more business.

So: Win (you). Win (your newsletter recipients). Win (the customers they serve). Simple as that.

What’s more, you are also the keeper of countless stories that illustrate—beyond doubt, and sometimes with metrics—how others benefitted from what you know and sell. Yes: we’re talking about those very same case studies that you—and every other marketing team we know—has likely fallen behind in showcasing. By all means, let those see the light of day.

MarketSmiths can help, with panache. No matter how complex the subject matter, we’ll root out every relevant little tidbit, creating fresh content or repurposing what we can. If needed, we’ll help you craft the underlying strategy—and help shape the editorial in a way that’s tailored to your industry, your timing, and both internal and external events. We’ll pen several subject line options you can A/B test. Best of all, we’ll ensure that every pitch-perfect word sounds like it was uttered by your brand.

Our newsletters have seen open rates of 25% to 80%, with click-through rates to match. In the process, you’ll have a marketing newsletter that leverages your fans—and is powerfully helpful, undeniably intriguing, and consistently effective.

Interested in having MarketSmiths skyrocket engagement—and powerfully impact your ROI in any economy? Let’s give them an excuse to get back in touch.

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