Quality Control

Quality Control for Copywriting?

You bet! Hear us out.

You want your content to get read, to engage, to move forward swiftly and delightfully. You need it to channel your brand, to create urgency, to arrive in your inbox—gleaming and perfect. There are other things you want, too—things that increase the chances your desired audience will read, connect, and act.

In your very wildest dreams, all of these traits apply to every word, on every page, within every piece and campaign and strategy. It’s like celebrating your favorite accomplishment at your favorite restaurant in your favorite destination with your favorite companion, accompanied by the best possible meal, service, scenery, climate, conversation, mood, music, and next-day plans.

One of these things would make the experience good. The combination makes them nirvana—and unavoidably effective.

That, in a nutshell, is MarketSmiths’ signature 35-Point Quality Control (QC) Process, the key to how we produce ROI.

It’s not just that our content is engaging, delightful, and filled with momentum and personality (yours). It’s that we check for these points—along with 31 others—and deliver them all in striking concert, each fresh word building on the last.

Our 35 QC points go far beyond typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar; these basics formulate just one out of the 35.

These 35 QC points delineate a bridge that gets readers from here (cold) to there (hot, flustered, and ready to act). They propel things forward.

All 35 QC points exist to produce the objective of all marketing copy and content: results.

Finally, the person applying this QC process is not your copywriter. It’s your content strategist: masterfully cultivated, exquisitely seasoned, and preoccupied with one thing: will this ________ (word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, approach, structure, way of thinking) work?

And that, in a nutshell, is precisely why it does.

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
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