Our War Against Bland Corporate Copy


Our War Against Bland Corporate Copy



On a TEDx stage in 2012, MarketSmiths founder Jean Tang declared war. Jean’s TED talk—a 17-minute love letter to the sweeping possibilities of fresh copywriting—kicked off a movement. And so MarketSmiths, our partners, clients, and supporters began a passionate march against bland corporate copy, and its campaign to replace it—all of it—with engagement, leverage, delight, and actionability.

A bubbly Brooklynite, Jean conceived our war in equal parts charm and provocation. We hereby challenge marketing teams, agencies, copywriters everywhere to tell us:

  • Why are corporate bios so boring, when people’s backgrounds and viewpoints form the very spice of life?
  • Why does so much content focus on who we are, what we’ve done, whom we serve, and other ubiquitous we’s? Why does this remind us of a first date dude that’s tripping over himself to impress the girl...but saying all the wrong things?
  • On so many websites, why do even the fiercest competitors sound so similar? Why does ‘what they do’ so often come across as commoditized rather than valuable and distinct?
  • Why is the conceptual more common than the concrete? Why do marketers turn more to the generic v. the vividly real? Simply put, why do so many resort to telling v. showing?
  • What could transform for your brand if your website copy positioned your products and services—even to complete strangers—as premium, vibrant, lively, and tangible? How would this enable you to price, to sell, to dominate your market?
  • What happens when you offer an encyclopedic understanding of your products, services, process, philosophies, and more? How can you apply the principle of less as more?

If you have great answers, email us what they are. If you’re equally flummoxed, then join us in declaring war on the bland. Partner with us; hire us; join our team.

Get in touch--together, we’ll lead the vanguard against boring babble and champion compelling content for all.

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
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