Personal (P2B™) Branding

Independent contractors. Innovative consultants. Career builders. In today’s world, there’s a growing need to shape, harness, and market your own personal branding.

That’s what MarketSmiths’ Person-to-Business (P2B™) Branding is all about. Whether your soap box is a company bio, a LinkedIn profile, or a polished résumé, we’ll make sure that when you speak your piece, your audience will be left with a powerful sense of your unique strengths, skills, values, and personality. That’s why we offer the following two- or three-in one package:

Lead-Converting LinkedIn Profiles

Maybe you gave it zero thought, and left it naked of all but dates and names. Perhaps—in your haste to have one—you simply uploaded your resumé, complete with bullet points, stats, and rote tasks (talk about TMI!).

LinkedIn is a search tool, a virtual conference spot, and a showcase all rolled up in one. But even master salespeople—busy mining the site—can neglect their own profiles. In reality, sharp LinkedIn profile content is one of the easiest wins in marketing. It’s a friendly, super-charged no-brainer that can explode your network over time–and overnight.

A MarketSmiths-built profile incorporates searchable keywords, so you come up on more relevant search results. Who cares if there are 40,000 other mortgage brokers? We position you to meet the people you want, in a way that makes them feel privileged to make the connection.

Storytelling Bios

Tell the truth. When faced with a bio, do you read? Or scan?

Scanning stems from tedium, but it’s a common reaction to most corporate or entrepreneurial bios. That’s because most form a tedious laundry list of degrees, roles, clients, companies, associations, and awards. The standard bio catalogs the years—and as such, it fixates on the past.

A MarketSmiths bio doesn’t recite. Instead, it weaves the past—your deserved trophies—into a narrative that kicks off with something that inspires your readers. Something that grabs them hard—and hangs on tight.

A bio showcases your personality—in a way the reader can connect to. It might supply a quote (or 3). And it’s firmly fixed in the present—and the enticing, bedazzled future.

What emerges is a piece that’s worthy of your position and impact. It’s forward-looking…not entrenched.

Razor-Sharp Résumé Writing

So you’re job hunting…or thinking about it. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a particular role or company. Maybe you’re wide open—and unsure which of your talents to pursue or highlight.

The MarketSmiths approach to resume editing is simple. We assess what you’ve accomplished—however terrific or seemingly incremental. Then, we craft a narrative, and sell you confidently and intelligently—targeting the role(s) that make sense.

We fix what’s flat, and lighten what’s bogged down. Whether you’ve got 2.5 or 25 years’ experience, we re-format your career into easy-to-digest nuggets. And regardless of how you’ve arrived, we craft the highest possible version of your story—while remaining journalistically loyal to the facts.

We do far more than proofread: we position you strategically to provide you with choices. The words we furnish can launch more than an interview…they can launch a rewarding new mindset. Your ideal career? That’s just the gravy. Ramp up your career, translate your tasks into achievements, and feel great.


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