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With sky-high ideals and real-world circumstances, education presents a worthy challenge. It's one we're invariably pleased to write about—and we'd love to tell you why.

Learning Is Paramount Let’s Educate the Future (Today)

Crucial, capable, controversial. The world of education can be tough: to administer, to forge, to articulate. Whether you're drawing students (or talent) or selling to schools (or partners), the tendency is to be, well, academic, and maybe a little long-winded, and too smart for the good of your goals.

Let us dive into your messaging challenges—and resolve them with grace and intelligence.

We've furnished science students at Stanford with health and safety policies, penned course offerings for a local New Jersey college, and marketed instructional coaching for NYC public schools. We’ve slung textbooks for Pearson, explained software for Barnes & Noble Education, and extolled the virtues of 10th-grade charter schools.

Learning Content

Even prior to joining MarketSmiths, our educational writers navigated the waters of edtech, creating comprehensive course content and developing case studies and white papers to guide educators. Nowadays, we blog for a remarkable startup that’s doing its best to make the digital skills gap a close call—not a sure thing. From articulating new pedagogical perspectives, to voicing learning experiences that engage, reward, and inspire, our words can help you move education forward on firm foundation.

Browse through our educational copywriting—and let us know if you'd like to speak.


Barnes & Noble LoudCloud

Synopsis Educational software company LoudCloud builds software that focuses on four key areas— Learning Analytics, Competency Based Education, Learning Management, and Next Generation Learning Materials—in order to address key challenges facing higher education and K-12 institutions. Newly acquired by Barnes & Noble Education, they sought to revamp their website—aiming for clear, concise, and benefit-focused copy.
As one of the most world's best universities, Stanford needed web copy to match.

Stanford University

Synopsis One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Stanford University has a rich history: it helped fuel the rise of local Silicon Valley, is widely considered a “New Ivy,” and was named the #1 “dream college” by the Princeton Review.
Educate screenshot

Educate LLC

Synopsis Teachers are tasked with one of society’s most important jobs—and one of the most challenging. Today’s technology has the potential to help educators and transform learning, but teachers rarely have the time to master these tools. That’s where Educate comes in: its instructional technology coaches work closely with teachers, combining tech training with instructional best practices.
Pearson Education


Synopsis Pearson is the largest education company in the world. With over 35,000 employees across more than 70 countries, Pearson publishes thousands of textbooks across virtually every discipline. The seasonal cycle of textbook publishing calls for a high volume of marketing output in spring and fall—and lower volumes for the rest of the year.

Deer Mountain Day Camp

Synopsis A popular and high-end day camp in Rockland County, NY revamped its website–and needed copy to differentiate it from dozens of competitors. Copywriting Challenge Our copywriters needed to understand the competitive positioning–and carefully massage the language to communicate core principles, without leading to a foreseeable (and detrimental) misunderstanding.
design site

Springpoint Partners

B2B Website & Digital Copy Synopsis In a daring departure from charter school fever, Springpoint helps school districts to design and launch innovative new high schools. The company needed website copy that broadcast freshness, without diverging from industry conventions.

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