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Values to uphold. A community to serve and help. Precision in your messaging can change the world.

The Public Needs to Know Let us Channel Your Mission—and Simplify the Facts

Whether it’s about alleviating homelessness or instructing residents how and when to put the trash out, we will paint the big picture—and fill in important details with clarity and confidence.

For government, we helped one agency partner write and relaunch an informative website for the Department of Sanitation New York (DSNY), executing our partner’s content strategy, clarifying dense information for an inquiring public—and earning our partner (and ourselves) heaps of praise from the marketing team. More recently, we helped another agency partner to inform New Yorkers of a new way to pay their subway fare, for New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

For not-for-profits, we’ve contributed to record-breaking fundraising campaigns by ghostwriting speeches given by executive directors, senior staff, and honorees at the galas that fund their beneficiaries for the months to come—and provide crucial operating expenses. We once wrote a video script commemorating President Obama for eight remarkable years. The video was shown when he was named the 2016 Champion for Global Change, the highest honor to be bestowed by the U.N. Foundation.

Institutional Content Writers

More recently, we penned an intranet site for a prominent New York City non-profit, clarifying procedures while uniting disparate employees—and rousing them anew with the mission they all share. We’ve written annual reports, supported rebranding with fresh copy, and tackled a 2,000+ page website eco-system for one of the nation’s most prominent and exceptional healthcare systems.

As a certified Minority-Owned and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE) in New York City and New York State, we are particularly excited about helping government agencies meet their diversity quotas.

Have a look at some of the ways we’re helping impact communities for the long haul.

Longevity Consulting

Longevity Consulting

Our Client Thriving and growing, Longevity Consulting is a DC-based firm, 50 people strong. With roots in IT staffing and a clientele steeped in high-power regional and federal agencies, Longevity recently expanded its vision to offer—and indeed to own—the strategic side of the equation: technology solutions that work.
transportation page content


Our Client The largest transportation network in North America, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), serves 15.3 million people. Many of these are commuters that spend far too much time losing MetroCards or re-swiping their cards before the subway doors close. 

U.N. Foundation

Synopsis We can’t say who and we won’t say where. But we’re a marketing company through and through, and we’d be disappointed if we couldn’t tell you this story. The Challenge A dear client, a top notch entrepreneur, asked us to ghostwrite a non-political article for a prominent political publication.

Department of Sanitation NYC

Synopsis The NYC Department of Sanitation has a huge job. Not only is the agency charged with keeping the streets of New York dirt-, litter-, and trash-free, it must remove snow, haul large items, keep construction debris in check, commemorate cycling tragedies, recycle, and much more.

United Nations Foundation

Synopsis The United Nations Foundation was set to bestow its highest honor on President Barack Obama: its Champion for Global Change Award. Working with 522 Productions, a video production company just outside of Washington, D.C., MarketSmiths was tasked to develop a powerful script that spoke to President Obama’s efforts and accomplishments–involving deep research and a tight timeframe.

Choices in Childbirth

B2C Website & Digital Copy Synopsis The U.S. has an astronomical rate of surgical intervention for childbirth. Even more surprisingly, it has some of the worst mother and infant health outcomes in the developed world. Choices in Childbirth is dedicated to tipping the scales by providing resources to women and families across the nation.


B2C Website & Digital Copy The Synopsis ioby (“in our backyards”) needed a new website that was fun, easy to grasp, and as big as the company vision: to improve New York City block by block. The Copywriting Challenge 1.
nyc site

Build It Back

B2C Website & Digital Copy Synopsis When Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc in 2012, New York City launched Build it Back: a powerful, federally funded program to help homeowners rebuild. Copywriting Challenge Build it Back needed inspiring, cross-channel copy that would engage a sweeping audience, and enroll thousands to register for assistance.

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