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Healthcare Copywriting

Elder care. Wound care. Definitive cancer diagnostics. The complex workings of your thyroid. Medical writing isn’t easy to master—and at MarketSmiths, we’re grateful for that.

Healthcare is an Ever-Shifting Landscape Let’s Stake Your Claim

Backed by sharp minds, smart questions, and discerning research, MarketSmiths’ healthcare writers understand enough about medicine to know what they need to explore—and how to do it in a way that’s unobtrusive and efficient. We’ve written for hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and their practices, labs and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices—and the technologies they rely upon.

Medical Copywriting

In 2018, we were proud to help a beloved agency partner rebrand one of the top 10 healthcare systems in the land—copywriting over 2,000 pages across 31 websites, about everything from childbirth to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Barrett’s esophagus to hospice care. With a light touch, we helped a much-awarded academic hospital to finalize their 2019 crown jewel: a dozen research reports, 70+ articles strong. And we’ve written all about the world of holistic wellness, from acupuncture to structural integration, holistic skincare to Reiki.

Best of all, we’ve discovered a range of voices that work well for healthcare clients—from warm-hearted to matter of fact, empathetic to empowering, simplified to scholarly.

Read on for a few healthy examples.

Transforming trials through transparency.


Client: Conversion rates are up by over 40% Did you know that there are over 10,000 clinical trials going on in the United States right now, testing around 2.8 million patients? That’s a lot of people—and a lot of data.


Our Client Ezra is a medical technology startup that’s taking on cancer in a big way. As a starting point, they have their sights set on prostate cancer, and have launched a member-driven, technology-enabled screening program for men that are susceptible.
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SmartLinx Solutions

Our Client Long recognized as a leading software platform in long-term healthcare, SmartLinx was looking to take its award-winning suite of workplace management tools to a broader audience.   Our Challenge It’s one of the most difficult moves in business.
Healthcare website copy


Speaking with Empathy: How MarketSmiths Helped Refresh a Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare System What does it feel like to engage with your healthcare brand? It’s a question many providers need to ask themselves, as the patient experience takes center stage in the healthcare industry.

CRF Health

Synopsis CRF Health leads the burgeoning field of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions, creating digital platforms and devices that make it easier for clinical trials to collect and manage patient data. The healthcare technology company offered incredible value—but its existing website copy didn’t strongly showcase it.
cancer copy


B2B Website & Digital Copy Synopsis Oncologists nationwide rely on Genoptix for definitive cancer diagnostics. A Novartis company, Genoptix tests offer more precise results and fewer false negatives than traditional ones. Copywriting Challenge Genoptix hired healthcare advertising agency Audacity Health to reinvent its digital image.

Comprehensive addiction resource

Synopsis An online addiction resource center wanted to launch a website that attracted both afflicted individuals and rehab facilities—so care providers could reach and help more people. The Challenge They wanted to create a site that looked and read better than competitive, directory-type websites.

Arches Technology

Synopsis A software company specializing in healthcare for over 15 years, Arches Technology recently refined its target audience, productized its solutions, and released new offerings. With all these internal changes, the team sought a revamped website to reflect the revitalized brand.


Synopsis HealthAware’s surprisingly simple tools help drive behavioral changes, detect risks early, and support wellbeing. The company wanted a website as clear and elegant as its wellness solutions. Copywriting Challenge The company hired MarketSmiths and a competing copywriting agency on a preliminary basis for a head-to-head test.
Zika ad

Pioneering bioscience company

  Synopsis An agency partner asked us to help enliven a video script for a biosciences company. The video intended to educate public health officials in Brazil and the U.S. on effective solutions for mosquito control, in light of the Zika virus outbreak.

5 Point Acupuncture

Blogs and Press The Synopsis Ryan Smith is an acupuncturist based in NYC. When asked to make a speech and presentation for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, he hired MarketSmiths to help find his voice. Copywriting Challenge With an audience full of cancer patients and their families, we needed to do a few things without being overtly salesy: Write a speech that spotlighted the relief by acupuncture of the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and cancer.
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AMR Care

AMR Care is an established elder care service that wanted to get the word out about an exciting new program. The offering: specialty companions trained to bring disabled or elderly arts enthusiasts to NYC-area shows and exhibits. AMC turned to us for copywriting services.

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