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Although most lawyers are writers, they’re likely not copywriters. Nor should they be. Read on for our legally-adept solution.

Do the Law Justice Be Sure Your Copy Tells the Truth—and Makes it Sing.

Legal writing calls for heightened precision of language. Contracts and arguments must be carefully parsed—and nothing left to assumption or chance.

Legal copywriting requires precision, too. But the end result must captivate, hold your attention, and let go in short order—seldom easy for skilled practitioners more accustomed to crafting resounding briefs, performing balanced analysis in a legal memo, or finalizing contracts whose pages number in the hundreds.

That’s why at MarketSmiths, we’re proud to be led by a former practicing lawyer—and joined by two more. With four combined bar memberships and personal experience in litigation, appellate law, employment law, real estate / construction law, administrative law, zoning, state and local licensure, criminal law, family law, trademark law, insurance, and (of course) business contracts, we’ll astonish you with our ability to talk the talk. We get deeply what it takes to walk that line between care and aggression, protection and enablement. And we can help you channel that value—and generate new revenue.

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We’ve written attorney bios that replace laundry lists with humanized personal narratives...which nevertheless still contain all the facts. Scaled as we are, we’re capable of delivering hundreds of web-ready legal bios. You’ll like what you read, and so will your clients.

We’ve ghostwritten blog posts about a rainbow of personal injury matters—and helped position a maritime boutique taking on a giant in the Caribbean. We’ve channeled LexisNexis and legal-tech startups. We’ve been the scribes for established firms, innovative startups, boutique partnerships, and solo practitioners.

We are the go-to ad copy source for one of the finest law firms in the Southwest. We’ve penned robust lead-generating websites for plaintiffs’ firms, gracing the public with thorough research on drug recalls, product defects, and mesothelioma. We understand litigation funding—both corporate and plaintiff’s side. And our depth of finance knowledge positions us well to write about finance law, M&As, and restructuring.

Hire a lawyer to write your copy. Here are some samples we're able to share.



Synopsis Driven by the desire to help startups grow, Yaasha Sabba left his in-house counsel role at a major credit card company to start his own firm. He needed a website that demonstrated the growth-generating possibilities of legal counsel–and sold startups on a new business model: monthly law firm “subscriptions.” Copywriting Challenge Yaasha wanted his site to go live by the start of a conference: exactly two weeks from our start date.


Synopsis We received an introduction to a remarkable consumer education company based in upstate New York. This company is on a mission to inform consumers about unsafe products (think toys), drugs, foods, medical devices, and even behaviors. It teaches Americans how to protect themselves and/or seek remediation in the event of injury or disease.

Emblem IP

B2C Website & Digital Copy Synopsis Attorney Nadia Munoz is a startup superhero. Her new intellectual property law firm is made to meet the needs of startups and entrepreneurs in NYC’s burgeoning Silicon Alley. Eschewing the tired trope of a stuffy overpriced lawyer, Nadia is hip, fresh, bold, and ambitious, just like the clients she represents.

Varghese Associates

B2C Website & Digital Copy Synopsis No lawyer in the world should ever dabble in criminal defense law. But many do. In contrast, Varghese & Associates pockets a lengthy record of criminal defense experience—with astounding results. Copywriting Challenge Our challenges were fourfold: For a vast majority of clients, Varghese & Associates harvests referrals from other law firms.
legal copy

The Workplace

B2B Website & Digital Copy Synopsis Self-professed employment law geeks Patricia Ryan and Hannah Ellis struck out on their own to found their Sydney-based employment law firm, The Workplace. Copywriting Challenge The Workplace website had to appeal to both small businesses and large organizations by illustrating the agility of a two-person team.

Parris Whittaker

B2B Website & Digital Copy The Synopsis ParrisWhittaker came into being in 2011. A Bahamas-based law firm founded by two local attorneys, PW quickly gained a reputation for uncommon energy applied to a breathtakingly versatile practice. As PW grew, its clients did, too.

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