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Commercial Real Estate

Funding. Tenants. Newfangled Approaches. Let’s achieve your goals through copy.

Raising funds. Developing buildings. Drawing new tenants. Reinventing the paradigm of this traditional business in some powerful, tech-driven way. Commercial real estate copywriting often takes savvy in a number of disciplines, including finance, the law, tax policies, technology, business strategy, commercial interests, and plain old b2b copywriting. That’s what MarketSmiths has.

We’ve written a steady flow of investor decks for CRE investment entities, including REITs, joint ventures, and limited partnerships. We’ve penned streamlined explanations of 1031 exchanges, covered the new Opportunity Zones carved out by federal tax law, and scoured our local press (e.g. The New York Times) for of-the-moment CRE subject matter—and struck gold.

Commercial Real Estate Content Strategy

We’ve written nearly two dozen websites for a property development company that makes new acquisitions bimonthly. The websites are wonderful to write—and fun to make 100% distinctive, no matter how similar the layouts, amenities, buildings, or locations.

We reinvented branding for a startup that is, in turn, reinventing CRE valuations. We helped a technology-driven property management startup sprout newfound digital legs—and we continue executing on their marketing needs, as they scale and grow. We helped another tech-driven startup stay vague—keeping their business model confidential, while crisply positioning the benefits of a potential partnership.

For old-school CRE, we helped at least one remarkable commercial office brokerage brag about their achievements—and see firsthand that it’s possible to draw new business digitally (and beyond word-of-mouth networking).

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